AUO has plans to initiate OLED production in 2011

04 Nov 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung and LG are already ramping up manufacturing plants for production of OLED panels. Now the Taiwanese display giant, AUO, has made plans official to enter the OLED market. They intend to finish their first OLED mass production line in the first half of 2011.

AUO OLED production in 2011

AUO is currently one of the big players in LCD panel production industry. AUO has no actual PC and LCD-TV products on the market but is instead selling panels to TV and monitor manufacturers. Now AUO also wants to enter the OLED market.

This new move could be considered a turnabout from AUO. When the financial crisis broke out, AUO said that they would cease OLED production plans because of"economic reasons". But now it seems that the folks at AUO have changed their minds. AUO says that they will have their first OLED mass production line ready for production in the first half of 2011 - and maybe even in the first quarter of 2011.

AUO 14-inch OLED-TV
AUO demonstrated this 14-incg OLED-TV some time ago

The OLED production will be based on a so-called 3.5G (3.5. generation) plant that is optimizes for production of small to medium size OLED panels for handheld devices such as mobile phones and video players. A 3.5 G-factory is not optimized for manufacturing OLED-TV panels.

Paul Peng, head of Display Business Operation from AUO, also says that AUO is currently considering converting one of the current 4.5G (4.5. generation) LCD production lines to an OLED production line. From a 4.5G factory AUO can create larger OLED panels at a lower cost which should also allow production of larger OLED monitors and smaller OLED-TVs.

Samsung and LG are both planning to build 5.5G OLED plants in the coming years. Today most LCD panels above 37 inches are manufactured from 8-9G factories.

Learn more about the OLED technology on our OLED coverage page here.

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