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FPD 2010
Future display technology exhibited in Japan

25 Nov 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

Each year the FPD (Flat Panel Display) International exhibition is held in Japan. On this exhibition the new display technologies and panels of tomorrow are on display. Read on to see the latest trends in screens with higher resolution, 3D, OLED, flexible panels and e-Paper (electronic paper).


LG had brought a range of new technologies to FPD, and the first one we want to highlight is their amazing 31-inch OLED-TV that also handled 3D using cheap, passive 3D glasses. We have commented on this OLED-TV before but it’s still quite cool. See the pictures below.


See LG’s passive 3D glasses below.

LG 31” OLED-TV and glasses

At FPD LG also said that they have plans to introduce a full 2011 line-up of 3D flat panel TVs based on the passive 3D technology that requires polarized 3D glasses, alongside of an active 3D line-up. LG also exhibited a 47-inch passive 3D model and a 23-inch IPS 3D panel.

LG 84-inch 3DTV

And more 3D was exhibited such as a 84-inch LCD-TV. The unique thing about this panel is not the 3D capability but instead that 3D is combined with Ultra HD (3840x2160) - four times higher than Full HD (1920x1080). According to LG this creates extremely detailed 3D pictures.

Lastly LG exhibited 47-inch 3DTV that doesn’t require 3D glasses.

We want to continue with some of the non-3D panels from LG. First of all this multi-screen setup with just 4 mm bezels, a new record.. Learn more about this multi-screen panel in this article.

LGs 4 mm multi-screen solution
LGs 4 mm multi-screen solution

If we move on to the smaller panels, LG demonstrated two 13.3 and 15.6-inch LCD panels with capacitive touch technology. The capacitive touch technology is considered the most accurate and is the one used in Apple’s iPod. These panels are targeted at notebooks with touch screens coming in 2011.

LG also demonstrated a 47-inch transparent LCD panel, built as a window. We have no pictures of this, however.

LG 19-inch e-Paper
LG 19-inch e-Paper, Source: TechOn

Lastly, LG wanted to show their new 19-inch monochrome e-Paper (electronic paper) panel and a new 9.7-inch color e-Paper. e-Paper is a technology that is often referred to as electronic paper and very suitable for eBook reading in devices such as Amazon Kindle e-book reader.


Samsung had also brought their goodies to Japan. One of the highlighted panels was the new 7-inch OLED panel that we also mentioned in this article. The 7-inch OLED panel is currently the largest mass-produced panel and likely the panel that will be used in Samsung's second generation Galaxy tablet.

Samsung 7-inch OLED panel
Samsung 7-inch OLED-panel

Samsung also exhibited an even more interesting 30-inch OLED panel with 3D. No concrete plans have been made to mass produce it, however.

Samsung 30-inch OLED panel
Samsung 30-inch OLED-panel, Source:

Samsung sees great potential in OLED and they also highlighted other OLED prototypes. Amongst these was a 4.5-inch OLED panel that is very flexible. Samsung says that it’s ready for mass production.

Samsung 4,5-inch flexible OLED
Samsung 4,5-inch flexible OLED, Source:

You can also watch this impressive of the flexible OLED panel.

Samsung also showed a 70-inch panel with Ultra HD (3840x2160) resolution. It’s not as large as the 84-inch LG panel but it underlines that most panel manufacturers are currently planning on introducing TVs with higher resolution. The panel also supports 3D.

And when we are talking about numbers we can also mention that Samsung had a 400/480 Hz panel on display. The extra fast refresh rate can improve 3D picture quality on Samsung’s LCD-TV and the 55-inch prototype could become a real product as early as 2011.

Visitors could also experience a 19-inch transparent OLED panel, a 23-inch transparent LCD panels and a 10.1-inch e-Paper panel.

Samsung 19-inch transparent OLED
Samsung 19-inch transparent OLED, Source: TechOn

If you want to know more about the transparent panels you should watch the IDG video below with some footage from the FPD exhibition.

Lastly, Samsung had a 3D panel for notebooks on display.


AUO is an innovative Taiwanese panel manufacturer on par with Samsung and LG. AUO is exhibiting their new products at FPD.

One of the most interesting panels from is their 14-inch OLED panel. Unlike LG’s 15-inch OLED panel that is currently used in the EL9500 (reviewed here) AUO’s OLED panel has Full HD resolution (LG EL9500 has 1366x768) and supports 3D.

AUO also exhibited a panel that follow in Philips’ footsteps with their recent introduction of the 3D Cinema 21:9 TV. AUO developed a 21:9 panel some time ago and here is the next revision. It’s a 71-inch 3D LCD-TV in the extra wide 21:9 format.

AUO 71-inch 21:9 panel
AUO 71-inch 21:9 panel

AUO also exhibited a 65 inch Ultra HD LCD-TV that handles 3D without 3D glasses, as well as a gesture enabled system that allowed users to control the TV with hand gestures.

Lastly, AUO showed a small 4-inch non-glasses 3D panel for mobile phones.

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