LG unveils new polarized 3D tech called FPR

17 Dec 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG Display has unveiled its FPR 3D panel technology based on the passive 3D technology. Concrete products are planned for a market introduction from the beginning of 2011. This means that you can expect cheaper 3DTVs and much cheaper 3D glasses.

LG 3D FPR technology

LG has unveiled a new passive 3D technology called FPR (film-type patterned retarder) at a show in China. The exhibited model was a 84-inch Ultra Definition TV.

LG Display CEO Mr. Young Soo Kwon noted in his welcoming speech.
“It is a pleasure for LG Display to announce the opening of the ‘FPR 3D era’ in China which is emerging as the center of the worldwide TV market. LG Display will focus on FPR 3D products as we believe that FPR is superior in all aspects and represents genuine 3D technology better suited to consumers.”


LG says that the new FPR 3D technology delivers full HD picture quality, and at the same time LG has managed to eliminate flicker and crosstalk which are problems associated with active 3DTVs. FPR also resolves the issue of high costs linked to the existing PR (patterned retarder) type panel by using film instead of glass substrate.

Moreover, lightweight and comfortable polarized glasses that emit no electromagnetic waves allow consumers to enjoy long hours of viewing without any discomfort in their homes, LG says.

LG believes that current 3DTVs has problems such as the weight of the glasses, power consumption and reduced brightness. LG Display’s FPR 3D panel has no flickering, produces minimal crosstalk and delivers a bright screen, LG claims.

Global 3D alliance

Among those present at the launch ceremony were top executives from China’s six largest LCD TV makers, namely Skyworth, Konka, Hisense, Haier, Changhong and TCL, as well as global LCD TV companies LG Electronics, Vizio and Toshiba. They agreed to cooperate for FPR 3D promotion based on shared recognition of its outstanding features.

LG and some of the other manufacturers plan to introduce a full lineup of 3D LCD TVs featuring FPR panels from the beginning of 2011 – probably at CES 2011.

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