Vizio Theater 3D
Vizio Theater 3DTVs from 22 to 71" official

03 Jan 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

US-based Vizio has announced new 3DTVs ranging from 22-inch to 71-inch sizes. The Theater 3D range is based on the passive 3D system, resulting in much cheaper 3D glasses but less detailed 3D pictures.

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Vizio Theater 3D

LG announced their passive 3DTVs a few days ago and now Vizio has announced a total of 21 models from 22 to 71 inches based on the passive 3D technology. Vizio has named their new range Theater 3D.

Vizio Theater 3D
Vizio Theater 3D

The passive 3D system utilizes polarized 3D glasses similar to those you get in the 3D cinema. This means battery-free glasses, no flicker, reduced crosstalk and a brighter picture but it also means that the 3D picture resolution is halved compared to the active 3D system that all 2010 3DTVs use.

The higher-priced models come with LED and local dimming and the cheaper models with Edge LED. Two models are also based on the extra wide 21:9 format with 2560x1080 resolution for a “no black bars” cinematic experience.

VIA Apps and Google TV

All of the 21 models have the VIA Apps system; including Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, VUDU, Pandora, Facebook, Flickr, Rhapsody, Twitter, and Yahoo! TV Widgets. The two XVT3D476SV and XVT3D556SV models also have Google TV functionality called VIA Plus.

Most of the models feature a Bluetooth-enabled remote control with a full QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi.

All of the Theater 3D models should arrive in stores in 2011, but we await exact pricing and availability details. To learn more see

For specifications and model names see the table below.

Model Size/ Res. RefreshDimmingApps
E3D320VX 32" FHD 60NY
E3D420VX 42" FHD 120NY
E3D470VX 47" FHD 120NY
M3D420SV Razor LED 42" FHD 240 SPS YY
M3D420SR Razor LED 42" FHD 240 SPS YY
M3D460SR Razor LED 46" FHD 240 SPS YY
M3D470SV Razor LED 47" FHD 240 SPS YY
M3D550SV Razor LED 55" FHD 240 SPS YY
M3D550SR Razor LED55" FHD 240 SPS YY
XVT3D225KP Razor LED22" FHD 60NY
XVT3D265KP Razor LED26" FHD60NY
XVT3D325KP Razor LED 32" FHD 240 SPS YY
XVT3D375KP Razor LED 37" FHD 240 SPS YY
XVT3D425SP TruLED 42" FHD 480 SPS YY
XVT3D475SP TruLED 47" FHD 480 SPS YY
XVT3D555SP TruLED 55" FHD 480 SPS YY
XVT3D650SV Razor LED 65" FHD 120YY
XVT3D500CM Razor LED 50" WFHD    
 2560x1080 240 SPS Y Y
XVT3D580CM Razor LED 58" WFHD   
2560x1080 120Y Y

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