3D glasses
CEA looking to standardize active 3D glasses

14 Mar 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

All manufacturers currently use their own active 3D glasses that only work with the same brand TV. Now CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) has started a process to standardize active 3D glasses in order to make them compatible with all manufacturers' TVs.

CEA to standardize 3D glasses

The 3D market has not taken pace yet and one of the reasons are the glasses; not only are they too expensive, different glasses are also required for each brand TV.

3D glasses
3D glasses

CEA is now hoping to make a standard for active 3D shutter glasses to make them all compatible. They’re planning on using a standard Infrared sync and is encouraging all the TV manufacturers to join the project called 3D Technologies Working Group. Proposals are due in March 31.

The goal is obviously to make one manufacturer’s 3D glasses compatible with other manufacturer’s 3D TV. They only problem at the moment seems to be the fact that some manufacturers – including Samsung – are currently switching to Bluetooth communication, instead of Infrared, between the TV and the glasses. But we’ll see how this evolves.

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