Philips 2011 TVs
Philips’ 2011 TVs to arrive as planned

26 Apr 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

Philips announced last week that they have sold 70 % of their TV division to Chinese TPV Technology, that now has the rights to manufacture TVs under the Philips brand. However, we have now received confirmation from Philips that the 2011 TV line-up will arrive as planned with no changes.

Philips 2011 TV to arrive as planned

Despite Philips selling their TV division, they plan to introduce their 2011 TVs in Europe without any changes, Philips has told FlatpanelsHD.

Philips 2011 TV
Philips 2011 TVs to be launched as planned

That means that all of Philips 2011 TVs will be in stores as expected, including the new 21:9 TV, a new 9000 range and new 8000, 7000 and 6000 ranges. Philips says that the first models will be available from June-July 2011.

Philips’ 4000 employees will be transferred to TPV Technology. Philips has an option to sell their remaining 30 % share of the joint venture with TPV Technology after 6 years.

Learn more about Philips joint venture with TPV Technology here: Philips to stop own production of flat panel TVs
Read more about Philips 2011 TV line-up here: Philips’ 2011 TV line-up

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