Loewe Individual Compose 3D
Loewe presents Individual Compose 3D TV

11 May 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

Loewe is launching 3D technology with its new Individual Compose 3D televisions in 40, 46 and 55 inches. The TVs also deliver excellent 2D picture quality with LED technology and 400 Hz, Loewe claims.

Loewe Individual Compose 3D TVs

The German premium manufacturer is delivering the new Individual Compose TVs with LED backlight and 400Hz. The televisions also deliver Loewe’s usual exceptional picture quality with conventional films and TV. They are even capable of converting 2D programmes into 3D.

Loewe Individual Compose 3D
Loewe Individual Compose 3D

The new screens are offering a 500GB DR+ hard disk so you can record and play back 3D content or stream it to another 3D-compatible Loewe television.

Loewe 3D system

With the new Loewe Individual televisions Loewe is also introducing their first active 3D based TVs.

Loewe explains their technology this way:
The television screen alternately shows the picture for the left and right eye in a high- speed sequence. An integrated infrared transmitter controls the Loewe Active 3D glasses in a parallel sequence: it opens and then closes left and right – with millisecond precision. These “shutter glasses” currently offer the best 3D experience, using alternate darkening of each eye to create a three-dimensional picture in the mind of the viewer.

Loewe Individual Compose 3D
Loewe Individual Compose 3D

The glasses are synchronised with the television via an infrared transmitter. This is discreetly integrated into the brand’s characteristic “Loewe eye” – in perfect harmony with the design of the Loewe Individual television.

- The contrast filter panel made from high-quality grey glass not only increases viewing pleasure but also plays a key role in making the Loewe Individual 3D television a design piece with timeless appeal. The Individual line's outstanding design has already won the coveted iF gold award 2011”, Loewe says.

The Loewe DR+ hard disk recorder integrated in the TV also represents enhanced value: when the content provider allows recording, it is now also possible to conveniently record and play back 3D content or stream it to another 3D-compatible Loewe television via WLAN, LAN or Powerline. It holds 500 GB.

Loewe Individual Compose 3D
Loewe Individual Compose 3D

Loewe MediaNet and Loewe MediaText

All Individual Compose 3D televisions are equipped with the Loewe MediaPortal. It provides convenient access to numerous media in the home network, including digital radio stations and photo, music and video files on external hard drives – not to mention the entire worldwide web courtesy of Loewe MediaNet. No other manufacturer has currently integrated more European content into its range, Loewe says.

With the integrated browser online content can be used with ease. Furthermore, the pioneering Loewe MediaText, which corresponds to the HbbTV standard, is also included in the package. A number of services to accompany programmes are also available to select online, and, with the Loewe Assist remote control, are just a click of the red button away. Loewe is one of the first manufacturers to prepare its televisions for HbbTV.

Home entertainment in the third dimension

The Loewe 3D flat-screen TVs will be available for delivery in High Gloss White, Aluminium Black and Aluminium Silver. The interchangeable insets can also be freely designed to suit individual colour preferences. Naturally, the new intuitively operable 3D products can also be perfectly integrated into the Loewe system landscape. That means a great variety of individualisation possibilities, set-up solutions and sound options – up to 7.1 surround sound – to bring the cinema experience home.

The market launch of the Individual Compose 3D television will begin with the 46-inch device, which will cost from £4100. The Individual 40 and Individual 55 Compose 3D will then follow in succession.

- Loewe press release, edited

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