Philips 273E3LSB
Philips introduces new 27” 273E3LSB monitor

31 May 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

Philips is now introducing a new inexpensive 27-inch PC monitor in Europe. The monitor is called 273E3LSB and comes with Full HD, LED and 1 ms (g2g) response time.

Philips 273E3LSB

27-inch Philips 273E3LSB is aimed at multimedia and gaming. The monitors comes equipped with a fast 1 ms (g2g) TN panel.

Philips 27E3L
Philips 27E3L

The monitor utilizes Full HD resolution and with HDMI users can connect gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 3. On the gray bezel Philips has incorporated touch buttons and at the bottom you see built-in stereo speakers.

Despite the large screen format, 273E3LSB is still ecofriendly. Because of Edge LED backlight, the large screen has considerably lower power consumption than previous generations.

Philips 27E3L
Philips 27E3L

Pricing and availability

Philips 273E3L is available in most European countries very soon with a 330 Euro price tag.

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