Philips DesignLine
Philips presents DesignLine TVs with Easy 3D & NET TV

05 Aug 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

Philips has unveiled new DesignLine TVs in two variants called DesignLine Edge (in white) and DesignLine Tilt (in black).
The DesignLine Edge TVs come with Philips’ Easy 3D, 400 Hz, Ambilight, USB recording and the NET TV Internet platform.

Philips DesignLine Edge & Tilt

At IFA 2011 Philips plans to exhibit their new DesignLine TV range. The DesignLine comes in an Edge variant with white bezel and a transparent glass bottom, combined with Ambilight 2, as well as, a cheaper Tilt variant in black without Ambilight.

Philips DesignLine 7906
Philips DesignLine Edge 7906

The idea is that you place the TV on low-standing furniture at a 6 degree tilt angle. The white design matches the modern home, Philips claims, and is aimed at buyers who seek an alternative to the glossy, black look that dominates today.

But a TV is not complete without a remote control and therefore Philips has included an exclusive version of their oval-shaped remote control that was first introduced in 2010.

Philips DesignLine 7906
Philips DesignLine Edge remote

Philips Edge (7906) features most of Philips’ recent TV technologies. One of the highlights is the Easy 3D technology that is a variant of passive 3D. With Easy 3D you only need cheap polarized 3D glasses without batteries instead of expensive active 3D glasses.

Philips Easy 3D glasses
Philips’ Easy 3D glasses

For the DesignLine Edge variant another key feature is the NET TV Internet platform with an App Store and video-on-demand services. Philips has included a web browser and you can either connect to the internet via cable or Wi-Fi. Philips also highlights their Pixel Precise HD engine with 400 Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR), USB recording and Edge LED that reduces power consumption considerably.

Philips DesignLine 7906
Philips DesignLine Tilt 4906

The cheaper DesignLine Tilt model in black is HD Ready, and comes with 50 Hz, LED and USB playback.

Philips’ DesignLine Edge 7906 will be available in 32 and 42 inches in Europe called 32PDL7906 and 42PDL7906 at suggested retail prices of 1.199 / 1.399 Euro. The Tilt variant will be available in 22 and 26 inches called 22PDL4909 and 26PDL4906.
The DesignLine TVs will be exhibited at IFA 2011 in Berlin this September.

Philips DesignLine 7906
Philips DesignLine Edge 7906

Philips also plans to introduce the SoundHub HTS9241 speaker system that they believe is a perfect match for the DesignLine Edge TV.

Check out the DesignLine video:

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