Philips Econova TV
Philips Econova is Europe’s most eco-friendly TV

02 Sep 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

The Philips Econova is Europe’s greenest TV and has won the EISA for the second consecutive year in 2011. With features such as a solar powered remote control and Zero power switch, the latest eco-design from Philips is environment friendly and slim.

Philips Econova: Europe most eco-friendly TV

Philips has unveiled their new Econova PFL6806 range of eco-friendly TVs, that also recently was awarded with an EISA Award for the most energy-friendly TVs in Europe.

Philips Econova PFL6806
Philips Econova PFL6806

Philips continuously strives to make it simple for consumers to reduce their impact on the environment, particularly in the areas of lowering energy consumption, reducing material usage in production and packaging, reducing the use of hazardous substances, and improving recyclability. In line with this holistic approach, Philips Econova TVs represents the next step in eco-design.

The Philips Econova has been awarded an A++ Energy Label due to its extremely low power consumption. This is obtained through the use of Edge LED, increased glass transitivity, and dynamic dimming video algorithms. So when power is not needed it is not used.

Philips Econova PFL6806
Philips Econova PFL6806

Philips highlights some of the most important features:
  • The Econova uses 60% less energy compared to LCD TVs, thanks to the latest LED lighting technology.
  • With Econova off is really off. The Zero power switch means that when you switch your TV off, power consumption is reduced to zero watt.
  • Philips Econova TVs is made from previously discarded and easy-to-recycle materials.
  • Its solar powered remote control reduces the impact on the environment even further, removing the need to replace or dispose batteries.

    Philips Econova also comes with the Philips 2-in-1 stand which can be used as a table top stand as well as an easy to install wallmount bracket.

    Philips Econova PFL6806
    Philips Econova PFL6806

    Philips has still aimed to deliver convincing picture quality with Full HD and Philips Pixel Plus HD picture circuit. Other features include a 400 Hz Perfect Motion Rate system and a 28W RMS speaker system with two front-firing speakers and to rear-firing woofers.

    Smart TV

    Econova comes with Philips’ Smart TV platform with video-on-demand services, social media and a range of other features such as DLNA that lets users push content from their tablet and smartphones.

    Philips Econova is available in 42 and 46 inches called 42PFL6806 and 46PFL6806 from October 2011.

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