BeoVision 10 Chanterelle
Bang & Olufsen launches BeoVision 10 Chanterelle

05 Sep 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

In the wake of the tremendously successful BeoVision 10 family, Bang & Olufsen launches Chanterelle, which is a limited edition of BeoVision 10-46 in a new color. The beautiful, warm glossy Chanterelle colour has been chosen for the frame design with a matching light brown colour for the speaker front cover. A new stand is also introduced for the BeoVision 10 range. And be aware: Only 500 pieces are available!

B&O BeoVision 10 Chanterelle

With the launch of Chanterelle Bang & Olufsen offers a new elegant placement possibility, the easel stand. On this stand BeoVision 10 is exposing an alternative to the ‘painting on the wall’ concept of BeoVision 10, namely a painting casually leaning back in the same way you see paintings in an art gallery preparing for a show. Thin, anodised spikes in the Chanterelle colour lets the ‘painting’ hover lightly above the floor and the supporting rear plate disappears visually as it is the same colour as the rear cabinet.

B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle
B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle

The reason behind the new colour choice is carefully thought out by David Lewis Design Studio.
- “Having the existing BeoVision 10 in mind, which design wise signalises high-tech, we were looking for a softer and less high-tech look inspired by the part of Scandinavian interior design, which is dominated by materials such as genuine wooden floors and furniture and warmer colours. The design language of Chanterelle is more inspired by human minimalism marked by calm shapes and friendly materials”, says Torsten Valeur from the David Lewis Design Studio.

B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle
B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle

The new colour reflects the latest trends in both the car and the furniture industry and with only 500 pieces available, Bang & Olufsen expects the interest to be intense. There has already been a pre-order of number 8 and 88 by Chinese customers as these numbers represent luck, wealth and prosperity in China. Every single Chanterelle TV is uniquely numbered on the rear profile, where the name Chanterelle and the number are engraved.

Matching speakers

To accompany BeoVision 10-46 Limited Edition, BeoLab 6002 will also be offered in the new Chanterelle colour. The rear part is made in dark-brown anodised aluminium and the front fabric matches the front of BeoVision 10. This specific colour for BeoLab 6002 is only available if purchased together with Chanterelle.

B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle
B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle

And with BeoVision 10 Chanterelle Bang & Olufsen is also launching the new floor stand. The stand is also available to other BeoVision 10 models – not just the Chanterelle.

Amazing picture and beautiful sound

BeoVision 10-46 is a full HD TV with a LED-based, 200/240 Hz LCD panel. The 200/240 Hz technology combined with sophisticated motion compensation technologies take the motion performance of the LCD panel to a yet unseen level of smoothness, B&O says.

B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle
B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle

The BeoVision 10 also offers an impressive sound performance. BeoVision 10-46 has an integrated stereo speaker placed below the screen and covered by a fabric front. It offers integrated surround sound and DVB-HD module, electronic curtains and an extensive connection panel allowing you to add up to five extra speakers for a surround sound setup and a multitude of set-top boxes if needed.

Adored by reviewers and magazines

Magazines and reviewers have welcomed the BeoVision 10 concept with open arms and its popularity is expressed by Rasmus Larsen from the e-magazine (that’s us!), who did a review of the elegant flat screen:

B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle
B&O BeoVision1 0 Chanterelle

- “BeoVision 10 is the epitome of Bang & Olufsen quality – stylish, elegant, and sturdy,” Larsen states. Also when it comes to sound and image performance of the flat screen TV, Larsen is very enthusiastic:

- “The picture quality on the BeoVision 10 is exceptionally good in practice. It has an incredible wealth of detail.” He continues: “Despite its slim cabinet, the BeoVision 10 delivers an incredibly full sound through its innovative speaker system, with good bass and midrange reproduction.”

- Bang & Olufsen press release, edited

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