Loewe MediaNET
Loewe updates and extends MediaNET TVs

15 Sep 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

At IFA 2011 Loewe demonstrated their updated features and new partners for their Smart TV platform, dubbed MediaNET. We take a look at the Follow Me, DR+ streaming & Social Media functions as well as the UK and Germany-based Maxdome and Napster TV Apps.

Loewe updates and extends MediaNET TVs

Loewe MediaNET platform is developed in partnership with Philips and Sharp – and at IFA 2011 LG also joined the partnership. At IFA Loewe introduced a range of new partners and services to their Smart TVs, including maxdome (in Germany), Napster (in UK and Germany) and Social Media with Facebook and Twitter (in all countries).

Napster on Loewe Smart TV
Napster arrives on Loewe MediaNET enabled TVs

Maxdome is a video-on-demand service and Napster is a subscription based music streaming service.

Maxdome on Loewe Smart TV
Maxdome arrives on Loewe MediaNET enabled TVs

With the new Social Media hub, Loewe also provides users with access to Facebook and Twitter directly on the TV. Loewe further helps this trend by adding support for USB keyboards.

Facebook on Loewe Smart TV
Facebook arrives on Loewe MediaNET enabled TVs

Follow Me and DR+ streaming

Loewe also has some unique functions in their MediaNET platform that no other Smart TV maker has. They are called Follow Me and DR+ streaming.

With DR+ streaming all Loewe TVs (with DR+ streaming) can connect to each other. Streaming is carried out via LAN, WLAN or Powerline via the mains electricity as desired. This means that a recording on the Connect LED’s integrated DR+ hard disk in the living room can be played on the Art LED in the conservatory. And at the same time another TV program can be watched live in the living room.

Loewe MediaNET TVs
Loewe MediaNET TVs

At IFA 2011 Loewe extended the DR+ streaming function to not only supporting SD and HD, but also 3D. That obviously requires a Loewe 3DTV but with the new 3D versions of Connect and Art, and the previously introduced Individual 3D, Loewe has a range of 3D models available.

DR+ streaming also has a solution to allow you to watch to the end of the program currently running on another Loewe TV: simply pause the program, activate the DR+ Follow Me function and continue watching the program straight away, or later, in another room. The Follow Me function now also supports 3D and has been integrated in almost every Loewe TV available.

Loewe promises to bring new TV Apps to their MediaNET enabled TVs in the coming time, with special attention to video-on-demand Apps.

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