iPad 3 with 2048x1536 pixels
High-res displays for iPad 3 put into production

18 Nov 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

According to sources in Asia high-resolution LCD displays for the upcoming iPad 3 have been put into production, and Apple has stockpiled displays since October. The LCD panel inside iPad 3 is said to have an extremely high resolution of 2048x1536 pixels.

High-res LCD panel in iPad 3

The first Apple iPad put the IPS LCD panel technology on the map. People speculated that the iPad 2 would incorporate a higher-res LCD panel but Apple instead chose to go with the same LCD panel. The iPad 3 is said to introduce a much higher resolution.

Apple iPad 3 is said to have a LCD-screen with 2048x1536 pixel resolution
Apple iPad 3 is said to have a LCD-screen with 2048x1536 pixel resolution

Apple iPad 3 will supposedly feature a 2048x1536 pixel screen – four times higher than the current 1024x768 pixel resolution in iPad 1 and iPad 2. The quadruple resolution ensures that all Apple can scale-up existing Apps. The screen will still use the IPS panel technology according to sources.

The sources say that Samsung, Sharp and LG.Display have been supplying Apple with high-resolution LCD displays for iPad 3 since October. It is said that 1 million LCD panels have been delivered in October and 2 million LCD panels should arrive by the end of November. Production of the iPad 3 is believed to start in January 2012.

LG.Display was the first supplier of IPS based LCD panels for the iPad but since then Samsung and Sharp have joined to the supplier channel due to extremely high demand.

Apple started testing displays for iPad 3 in July 2011. Industry sources claim that the manufacturers have had their struggles with keeping production costs down, and Apple is also said consider using two strips of LED backlighting in the new displays instead of one strip of LEDs in the current iPads, simply because a higher-res LCD panel requires higher brightness.

Lastly, sources claim that Apple has bought samples of 7.85-inch LCD panels for internal testing. But a smaller iPad seems unlikely based on Apple’s statements at the two previous iPad announcements.

Apple iPad 3 is expected to launch in March-April 2012.

- Source: Digitimes

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