Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel
Samsung develops "50 touch point" LCD panels

07 Dec 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung has developed a new kind of touch LCD panel with optical sensors in pixels. The optical sensor LCD panel can supports up to 50 touch points at once – far more than existing multi-touch panels.

Optical Sensor in Pixel

A typical capacitive LCD panel registers multi-touch gestures to near-perfection but for larger displays the capacitive method is expensive and difficult to implement. Instead manufacturers have tried with systems based on infrared sensor - with little success.

Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel
Samsung’s Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel supports up to 50 touch points

Samsung has developed a solution for large-size touch displays with their new “Optical Sensor in Pixel” LCD panel. By implementing a small optical sensor inside each pixel, Samsung has created a LCD panel with extremely precise multi-touch capabilities.

More people can gather around the panel at once and it supports up to 50 simultaneous touch points. Samsung imagines that it can be used for interactive tables, and as interactive boards in schools, financial institutions and more. Samsung also says that it is light enough to hang on a wall.

Samsung has started mass production of a 40-inch version called SUR40. It has a 1920x1080 pixel resolution. The panel is also installed in the next generation of Microsoft Surface.

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