Haier display technologies at CES
Haier innovates in display technology at CES 2012

17 Jan 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

Chinese Haier had brought a range of interesting display technology innovations to this year’s CES show, including a transparent 46-inch TV, a completely wireless 55-inch TV, and a mind-controlled TV. Haier also introduced new TVs for the consumer market.

Haier innovation

The Chinese display market seems to be accelerating if we should take Haier’s efforts as an indicator. At CES 2012 Chinese Haier had arranged a future technology lounge at their booth, where they showed off new display technologies.

Haier’s transparent 46-inch TV
Haier’s transparent 46-inch TV

The first display technology we stumbled upon was Haier’s newly-developed transparent 46-inch LCD-TV. We have already seen their 22-inch model (on the left in the image above) but the much larger 46-inch version at CES 2012 only made the technology more impressive. The TV is not 100 % transparent but you can clearly see objects behind the panel. The technology needs an external backlight source, such as the light wall behind the TV, to work but if used outside sunlight should be enough.

Haier’s Brain Wave TV
Haier’s Brain Wave TV

The next thing we found was Haier’s Brain Wave TV. We are not 100 % sure how it works but Haier claims that a user can control very basic commands on the 58-inch TV only be thinking. A special headset is required that attaches to your earlobe to measure EEG (“brain waves”) and sits on your forehead. On the screen Haier had preloaded a small game where users had to focus on a barrel to make it explode. It did not work particularly well – or accurately - but some viewers actually made the barrel explode after a few tries.

Haier’s Brain Wave TV
Haier’s Brain Wave TV, pictures credit: Digitaltrends.com

The last thing we found interesting in the future technology lounge at Haier’s booth, was a 55-inch LCD-TV that is completely wireless – even power. Haier has demonstrated a 32-inch prototype a while ago but a 55-inch LCD-TV is even more impressive when you consider that power consumption goes up when the screen size increases. It also ran 3D material.

Haier’s completely wireless TV
Haier’s completely wireless TV

Haier calls it the “Completely Wireless TV”. Power is transferred to the TV panel with a magnetic resonance method, which basically means that a kind of power transmitting device is located in the white cabinet below the TV. Haier claimed that the distance between the power receiver and power transmitter was about 20 centimeters. Video signals are transmitted to the LCD panel with the WHDI (wireless home digital interface) technology.

Also, read our story on the Chinese display industry here.

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