LGs 2012 Smart TVs
LG's 2012 Smart TV with voice control & dual-core

20 Jan 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

The new 2012 Smart TV platform will be “simpler, smarter, faster”, according to LG. LG introduces dual-core processors, voice control, a new user interface, an updated Magic Remote and SmartShare 2.0. FlatpanelsHD takes a look at the highlights.

LG’s 2012 Smart TVs

In 2012 LG will update their Smart TV platform. The new platform, exhibited at CES2012 in Las Vegas, is faster and offers more features. Here FlatpanelsHD gives you an overview of the platform. Later we will share our hands-on impressions.

LG’s new flagship TV

New user interface:
LG's new user interface, dubbed Dashboard 2.0, will introduce a larger home screen with a more flexible structure to arrange apps in. The bottom menu provides an overview of the most relevant apps and LG promises that user can customize their home screen for their own preferences.

LG Smart TV
LG’s 2012 Smart TV

Dual-core processor:
LG LM9600 and LM8600 are equipped with a dual-core processor that – according to LG – will speed up app loading times three to four times compared to the 2011 platform. The dual-core processors also allow app developers to create better-looking and more powerful apps. This is a welcomed addition to LG’s Smart TVs as the 2011 TVs were pretty slow.

LG Smart TV
LG’s 2012 Smart TV

Voice control via Magic Remote:
The first version of the LG Magic Remote has been well received because it made Smart TVs easier to use with the "point and click" concept, LG says. The new version is more accurate and introduces three new functions. The first addition is a scroll wheel designed for web pages and menus. The next one is a motion sensor that allows a user to control the TV with gestures. The third is a built-in microphone that accepts voice commands and voice search. Voice control also makes it easier to search for content via the universal search feature that searches available apps and the web, with one single query.

LG Smart TV
LG’s 2012 Smart TV

Share content with SmartShare 2.0:
LG’s TVs have had DLNA for many years but LG is now extending the functionality to include Intel’s WiDi technology. The technologies have been merged into what LG calls SmartShare 2.0. With SmartShare users can “push” media content from smartphones, tablets and PCs onto the TV (if the device has built-in WiDi). And with the introduction of MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) in LG’s TVs you can also playback movies directly from your smartphone on the living room Smart TV via cable.

LG's new Smart TV platform is available in most 2012 TVs, home-theater systems, media players and Blu-ray players that will be available from spring 2012. Only the LM9600 and LM8600 flagship TVs implement all of the new features.

Learn more about LG’s 2012 products here.

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