200000 Boxee Boxes
200,000 Boxee Boxes sold, 2 million users

13 Apr 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

Apple dominates the media box market and has sold 4.2 million Apple TVs but Boxee (and Iomega) is also seeing some succes. 200,000 Boxee Boxes have been sold so far.

Boxee Box continues to sell

In a tweet from Boxee it has been revealed that Boxee has 2 million users on the Boxee platform, and that 200,000 Boxee Boxes have been sold.

Boxee Box
Boxee Box

The numbers pale in comparison to the market leader Apple’s media box sales but Boxee has managed to create a quite popular platform it seems. Why is this important? Well, as evidenced by history the most popular and supported platform seems to survive in the long run, so it is obviously a consideration if you are planning on investing into a platform.

Other players in the media box market include Roku, Google, and Western Digital. Remember, you can find more articles about Smart devices here.

- Source: Twitter

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