Samsung says that PenTile lasts longer
Samsung: PenTile in Galaxy SIII lasts longer

15 May 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

The display in Samsung's new Galaxy SIII smartphone was met with disappointment due to the fact that it uses criticized PenTile pixels. Samsung has now officially responded by saying that PenTile OLED "lasts longer". But does that mean that Samsung'scoming RGB based OLED-TV will last only a few years?

The PenTile controversy

Samsung's new Galaxy SIII smartphones has a lot of muscles but when it comes to the screen, Samsung has cut corners and implemented PenTile pixel structure that blurs text and affects color reproduction. Most major technology publications have criticized PenTile in reviews, and FlatpanelsHD also released an analysis that triggered an intense debate.

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung returns to the criticized PenTile pixels in Galaxy SIII

Therefore the move to PenTile in Galaxy SIII (from real RGB in SII) was naturally met with disappointment. Even though OLED technology has a lot of advantages, PenTile pixels belong in the past. Samsung has now publicly defended their decision by saying that PenTile "lasts longer" (than RGB OLED).

And that was the reason that PenTile was developed back in the early days, yes. Because OLED pixels fade over time the PenTile pixel design with 1 red and 1 blue subpixel for every 2 green, compensates for the brightness halving time in OLED pixels. But does it make sense? Not really. If you consider the fact that most people only use their smartphone a couple of years, and that PenTile does not solve the problem; only delays it; it get even harder to accept that explanation.

Samsung€™s 55-inch Super OLED-TV
If PenTile OLED displays last longer does that mean that Samsung€™s RGB OLED-TV will die out quickly?

And when you remember that Samsung's coming OLED-TV uses €œtrue€ RGB OLED pixels, it gets even stranger. A TV is supposed to last longer than the average 1-2 years of a smartphone, right? So is Samsung actually saying that their OLED-TV will last only a few years? And is Samsung now criticizing the RGB OLED display in Galaxy SII? The one that they told us was much better than PenTile when SII launched? Or are they just trying to defend their decision to cut corners with Galaxy SIII to keep up in the pixel race?

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments below.

- Source: MobileBurn, via The Verge

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