4K TV being tested in the UK
4K TV broadcast being tested in the UK

31 May 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

Only days after the 4K and 8K standards were proposed, it is revealed that one of the major UK broadcasters are currently testing 4K broadcast TV. Investments in the format will be made if the testing proves successful.

4K being tested in the UK

An unnamed English TV provider is currently testing 4K resolution – the next step after Full HD.

Sharps 85 inch 8K TV
4K and 8K resolution is not relevant on small displays but on large TVs it improves the experience significantly. In the photo you see Sharp’s 85-inch 8K TV that is jaw-droppingly impressive

According to the source, the TV provider is currently conducting tests with viewers to determine if the viewing experience is significantly better than that of today’s HD standards. Testing will help the TV provider to decide if immediate investments in 4K should be made, it is said.

You might wonder how 4K broadcasting is even possible when TV providers struggle to support even Full HD. Often, only 720p is utilized and material is often compressed. When asked, the source says that they would simply “compress the hell out of it”.

The source refused to identify the company but says that it is one of the major companies who controls the entire TV chain, which probably means either Sky or Virgin. When and how remain uanswered but 4K has already started to appear in cinemas and the first TVs with 4K resolution are expected to launch later in 2012. It seems that the industry is making preparations to move to 4K resolution, and we can only applaud the initiative.

- Source: Engadget

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