Philips 9000 TV series
Official: Philips debuts 9000 TVs with Ambilight

30 Aug 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

Well, FlatpanelsHD had already leaked the details but Philips has now made the 9000 series official. It is as we expected but we also have some additional details.

Philips’ TVs are here to stay

The Philips TV brand was recently transferred to TPVision but at the IFA 2012 press conference, TPVision ensured that “Philips’ TVs are here to stay”. With those words Philips introduced the 9000 TV series – Philips’ new flagship TV.

Philips’ 9000 TV series
Philips’ 9000 TV series

The 9000 series will be available in 46 and 60 inch sizes with Perfect Pixel HD Engine and local dimming system called Micro Dimming Premium (direct LED, divided into “hundreds of segments”). Philips also highlights a 1200Hz PMR system and “Flicker-free 3D”, which is a stretch as the 9000 series actually utilize active 3D with shutter 3D glasses. The 3D system also support a two-player full screen game mode.

The two TVs differ somewhat. The 46” model is called 46PFL9707 and has Philips’ anti-reflective Moth Eye filter. The 60” model is called 60PFL9706 and has no Moth Eye filter.

Philips’ 9000 TV series
Philips’ 9000 TV series

Smart TV and Ambilight

Philips has updated their Smart TV platform that is now called Smart TV Premium. From here users can access internet services such as video streaming. USB recording is available and you can control everything with your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet via the MyRemote app. If you feel more comfortable with a real remote control Philips has a new one for you with a full qwerty keyboard on the back side.

Philips’ 9000 TV series
Philips’ 9000 TV series

Ambilight is incorporated on the back side and it still lights up the wall behind your TV, dynamically, depending on content and colors on the TV screen. It is a three-sided Ambilight system called Ambilight Spectra XL.

Philips’ 9000 TV series
Philips’ 9000 TV series

Philips’ 46” (46PFL9707) and 60” (60PFL9707) TVs will be available in Europe later this year. Pricing details have not been announced yet.

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