Two Samsung OLED-TVs stolen at IFA

04 Sep 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

Some people in the TV business are not playing by the rules. On the way to IFA two Samsung OLED-TVs were stolen, says Samsung. Samsung believes that someone will try to copy the technology.

OLED industrial espionage

This is not the first time that we hear about foul play in the OLED industry. While transporting all the products to IFA, Samsung noticed that two OLED-TVs had gone ”missing”.

Samsung OLED-TV
Samsungs’ OLED technology has been stolen – again

The case is currently being investigated by the German and South Korean police. Samsung believe that they have become victim of industrial espionage and that unnamed parties are trying to replicate Samsung’s OLED technology and manufacturing. If that happens Samsung could lose billions of dollars.

No suspects have been mentioned.

But hey, Samsung’s OLED-TV is very impressive.

- Source: Ritzau

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