Grundig Vision 9
Grundig wants back in TV business - new Vision 9

10 Sep 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

Grundig’s TV division has been sold and the new owners are keen to rebuild the once renowned TV manufacturer. FlatpanelsHD had a talk with Grundig about the future. Grundig also introduced their new Vision 9 model at IFA.

Grundig’s masterplan

If you remember the good old tube TV days you probably also remember Grundig – at least if you are from Europe. They did not jump on the flat panel TV bandwagon and got left behind but with new Turkish owners Grundig is prepared to take on the big boys and has started entering European markets.

Grundig has only entered selected local markets so far where they feel that they can localize products enough to challenge the other TV manufacturer. In 2012 Grundig started to integrate TV tuners suited for local conditions in every TV model and Grundig will expand to new markets in the years to come.

Grundig Vision 9
Grundig wants back in the TV business and has started to enter European markets. In 2013 a range of new products and features will be introduced, Grundig tells FlatpanelsHD

In the coming years Grundig has hopes to capture market share by pricing their TVs lower than competitor’s TVs and follow the Smart TV trend. From 2013 Grundig will start to focus on Smart TV apps for local video-on-demand in their current markets and a new Smart TV platform will be introduced with a range of new media features. The Smart TV platform is Grundig’s own but they hope to attract developers.

Grundig says that they are dedicated to improving picture quality over the years and next year’s line-up will feature slim bezels and more elegant TVs. The first examples of this will be introduced in early 2013.

The new Grundig Vision 9

At IFA, Grundig unveiled the new Vision 9 series that is positioned as Grundig’s best TV range right now. It will be available in 32, 37, 42, 47 and 55 inch sizes.

Grundig Vision 9
The new Grundig Vision 9

The TV offers edge LED lighting, 400 Hz, passive 3D technology and a variety of multimedia features such as USB recording. Grundig has also integrated [email protected] TV (internet services) and DLNA streaming.

Grundig has placed the speaker under the TV frame. The front-facing tweeter should provide clearer and more directional sound that the typical TV. The back has been expanded to make room for a subwoofer and woofer. This combination offers a better sound experience than the typical slim TV, Grundig says. Vision 9 comes in white, silver aluminum and black.

Grundig Vision 9
The new Grundig Vision 9

Grundig Vision 9 will be out in parts of Europe soon. Grundig’s cheaper TVs are already in stores.

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