Samsung OLED-TVs and Bada Smart TVs
CES rumor: New Samsung OLED-TVs & Bada Smart TV

05 Nov 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

The CES 2013 show in Las Vegas is approaching and rumors are accelerating. It is reported that Samsung will launch a new range of OLED TVs, a new Smart TV platform based on Bada and that Samsung will completely overhaul the design language, according to SmartHouse.

Samsung rumors ahead of CES 2013

Samsung have some cool things prepared for CES 2013. We obviously expect to see the new TV line-up but SmartHouse gets a bit more concrete.

For one, Samsung is expected to introduce a new “range of OLED TVs”, as in: more than one. This could refer to more variants or simply more screen sizes. No words on what has changed compared to the OLED-TV introduced at CES 2012 in January but the new thing is said to be “stunning”. It will launch in April 2013.

 Angry Birds
Samsung is said to unveil new OLED-TVs and a new Smart TV platform at CES 2013 in January

Samsung is also said to introduce a new Smart TV platform based on Bada. Bada was originally developed to smartphones but has been adapted to fit the TV screen. Samsung has its inspiration from Apple and the new platform is said to have a very simple and user-friendly look, a step away from the cluttered interface on today’s Smart TVs. If Bada will run on current Smart TVs is unknown but it could be part of Samsung’s Evolution Kit plans. One of the new elements of the Bada Smart TV platform is said to be a new movie / TV series streaming service. Samsung has reportedly spent more than $250 million on development costs.

A new design language will also see the light of the day. Again, sources say that Samsung has found inspiration in Apple’s understated, elegant design lines. The blue Samsung logo is said to be gone and the new TVs will be marketed as lifestyle products. One of the men behind the new brand and design plans is Scott Bedbury who previously worked for Nike and Starbucks. Samsung’s employees are also said to receive new business cards in January as part of the new brand initiative that aims to transform Samsung from an “Asian brand” into an “International brand”.

Rumors - but plausible

We have to underline that this is just rumors for now. The site SmartHouse does not have the proudest track-record and previously claimed that Apple was on track to release an OLED-TV in 2012 (the article has since been altered); something that FlatpanelsHD refused to report even as a rumor. However, we know that Samsung traditionally briefs internally about the coming products at this time of the year so it is not implausible that rumors could start now and this is based on something real.

We will see if this turns out to be true at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. CES 2013 will open its doors on January 8th until January 11th, 2013. FlatpanelsHD will naturally report from CES.

- Source: SmartHouse

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