Steam Box to take on Xbox and PlayStation
Steam confirms "Steam Box" for living-room gaming

10 Dec 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

We have already talked about Steam’s plans to take over the living room. In an interview it has been revealed that Steam will release a console-like PC - a kind of "Steam Box" – for the living room to take on PlayStation and Xbox.

"Steam Box” confirmed

There are a vast numbers of great games for the PC but when people think of the PC they also think of a PC monitor. Valve, the company behind Steam, intends to bring the PC gaming experience to the big living room TV.

To aid them in their mission they will launch a console-like PC that is being referred to by the “Steam Box” by the media. The small PC will connect to the TV via HDMI and have wireless game controller support. PC games already support game controllers to some extend but Steam wants to push the game controller aspect to compete with dedicated living room boxes such as the PlayStation and Xbox.

Steam Big Picture
Steam wants to create their own Steam Box and wants to challenge PlayStation and Xbox in the living

Steam says that the Steam Box will be a very controlled and closed PC environment but as we have mentioned before, it is actually possibly to use your current PC on the big living room TV right now with Steam's Big Picture. Or you can build your own ultimate gaming PC.

Steam currently boasts 50 million PC users. In comparison, Xbox Live has over 40 million users. It seems that Steam has officially been thrown into the war for the next generation of living-room game consoles, together with PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, OUYA and cloud gaming.

- Source: Kotaku

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