Oculus Rift receives praise
Oculus Rift receives glowing praise after CES

31 Jan 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

FlatpanelsHD talked about the Oculus Rift in our feature on Virtual Reality a while back. Oculus Rift - a virtual reality headset - was exhibited at CES 2013. It received an enormous amount of praise from all who tried it. Some even call it the best demonstration ever at any CES show.

Can Oculus Rift create a virtual reality revolution?

The 90’s Virtual Reality technology failed but Oculus Rift and the creator of game titles such as Doom plan to try again. Oculus Rift is a wearable headset that covers 90 degree field-of-vision by using two displays; one for each eye. In addition, it uses a motion sensor. The combination allows users to freely move and look around in virtual worlds; for example game worlds.

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality headset that hopes to revolutionize the industry

Here is some of the praise it receives from major tech sites:

The Verge awards it Best in Show:
- “The Oculus Rift changed my life. No, seriously… It’s really, really amazing. Truly and honestly a revelation, a trip, a rabbit hole. And I’m going in. Forever. Goodbye universe. Hello universe.”

Oculus Rift
Here you see the prototype from CES complete with duct tape. Billede: Joshua Topolsky from The Verge

CNET calls it Best demo at CES by far:
- “Not only was this the coolest thing I saw at CES, but it's possibly the coolest thing I've seen ever. The reason why the Rift is so good, and why it's so much better than everything that came before, is the speed, accuracy, and realism of the tracking.”

Popular Science calls it one of the most amazing things at CES in any year:
- “It’s not really possible to describe what it’s like to use it, but as soon as I put the goggles on and turned my head, I think my mouth dropped. It’s flat-out awesome”

Wired awards it Best of CES:
- “Put these VR goggles on your face, and you feel as if you are within another world in a way that's never been possible before”

IGN awards it Best prototype:
- ““Offering some of the most compelling virtual reality experiences we’ve ever encountered, Oculus’ Rift stole the show and our hearts.”

FlatpanelsHD did not try the Oculus Rift at CES as it was demonstrated in a private room.

Oculus Rift started as a Kickstarter project in August 2012. After John Carmack, one of the key persons involved in the Doom games, got involved it really took off. Oculus Rift will be shipped out to 7,500 developers in March or April 2013. The goal is to start selling Oculus Rift at a reasonable price soon.

Want to know more about the Virtual Reality trend? Read our look on the latest Virtual Reality advancements.

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