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Sony PlayStation 4 rumors
PlayStation 4 (Orbis): What we know so far

01 Feb 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

Sony plans to unveil the "PlayStation 4" on February 20th. Whatever the final name will be rumors have swirled for some time. In this article FlatpanelsHD has collected rumors on hardware, features, design and all the rest.

PlayStation 4 has been officially announced: PlayStation 4 - faster, better & more powerful

PlayStation 4 rumors

Sony has managed to keep most details on the upcoming PlayStation console close to its chest. But we always have the rumors. Rumors, people! FlatpanelsHD has collected the most plausible of the PlayStation rumors and compiled a list for your pleasure.

PlayStation4 mock-up
This is not the PlayStation 4 but PlayStation fans have many fantasies. The PlayStation has never been adorable but we certainly hope that Sony will produce something prettier than this

  • 10 times faster than current game consoles
  • Key focus on social gaming aspects, including online play obviously.
  • Multi-users: (for example; four gamers can sit in the same living room and each associate his respective game controller to his online account, and earn individual "points" and "trophies")
  • AMD processor with 4 cores (each split into 2 more) + AMD graphics card + 2-4GB RAM
  • Bad - perhaps no - backwards compatibility with PS3 games (because PS4 does not utilize the Cell processor from PS3)
  • To include an optical disc drive (Sony considered removing the optical drive but decided to keep it to ensure that even regions without a well-developed internet infrastructure could join in on the fun). Most likely a Blu-ray drive.
  • The official name remains unknown but most obviously guess that it will be called PlayStation 4 (PS4). Sony's internal code name is said to be Orbis which could also be a possibility. Sony’s handled game console is called Vita. Orbis Vitae means "Circle of Life" in Latin. One of the reasons against the PS4 name is that 4 is pronounced just like “death” in Japanese. That is why, for example, Panasonic chose to jump directly from 3 to 5 in all TV model name. The name Omni has also circulated.
  • 4K support could be included for games and movies but it is pure speculation for now. 4K movie support seems more plausible than 4K game support.
  • Cloud gaming: Sony acquired Gaikai that streams games over the internet, just like Netflix streams movies. Sony has not talked about the Gaikai acquisition yet but it probably has something to do with the PS4.
  • Omniviewer: A kind og Virtual Reality headset, somewhat similar to the Oculus Rift. Omniviewer is just a rumor for now but the prospects are interesting. It will not launch at the same time as PS4, though.
  • We hear that some of the major studios are working on a range of game titles that will be available at launch. This is as close to official as anything gets right now, in regards to the next PlayStation.
  • The new PlayStation will also serve as a media box. Just like the current PS3, the new console will be able to connect to streaming services and much more.
  • Priced at around 400-500 US dollars / Euro, depending on the market. Will hit stores later in 2013.

    What do you expect?

    Have you heard anything about the PlayStation 4? And what do you expect from Sony’s all-new and more powerful game console?

    Will you be waiting in the line on the launch day?

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