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Stream TV channels
Stream TV to other TVs with Panasonic's twin tuners

14 Feb 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

We saw Panasonic’s twin tuners in action at the Panasonic Convention in Nice. The twin tuner system not only allows you to record two TV shows at once but also let you stream live TV channels to other TVs in your home. Nice – and it works.

Stream TV channels to other TVs with Panasonic’s Twin Tuners

A twin tuner means two tuners in Panasonic’s terminology. More precisely it actually means two of each tuner. Two DVB-C for cable, two DVB-T for antenna and two DVB-S2 for satellite. Which ones are integrated depends on where you live in Europe where Panasonic is rolling out the twin tuner functionality.

Stream TV channels to other TVs in your home
The TV on the left streams a TV channel to the TV on the right via home network. Notice that two different TV channels are running

The twin tuners have a range of features and we have covered most here. But there is more. At the Panasonic Convention in Nice we saw how it enables the user to stream live TV channels or recorded shows to another TV in the home. It works with Panasonic’s Smart TVs but in principle it should be expandable as it is based on DLNA.

In the demo we saw how the "living room TV" with antenna cables connected had a TV channel running on its panel and streamed another TV channel to the "bedroom-TV" that had no antenna cables connected. It was done using only a wired home network connection but it is possible via WiFi, too.

Stream TV channels to other TVs in your home
On the secondary TV you can browse through the recordings on the hard drive connected to the primary TV

Also works on tablets/smartphones

There are plenty of situations where this makes sense; especially because you can control the action from the secondary TV. You do not have to get up and navigate through the menus on the living room TV. However, Panasonic’s demo guy was unable to confirm if it works with encrypted TV channels and recording done on encrypted TV channels.

Stream TV channels to other TVs in your home
The twin tuner can also be used to watch two different TV channels side-by-side

The same system allows you to stream to other devices, too. You can stream to for example a tablet or a smartphone via Panasonic’s app. That way you can bring your tablet to the garden for some sports watching / relaxation (if your WiFi network reaches into the garden).

Panasonic’s twin tuner is available in the European versions of the ZT60 and VT60 plasma TVs and the WT60 and DT60 LED models. Learn more about Panasonic’s 2013 TV line-up here.

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