Smartphones as universal remotes
Smartphones become universal remotes

27 Feb 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

You can download free a TV remote app for all iOS and Android devices but it only offers limited control. Often you cannot turn on the TV, for example. Smartphones with built-in infrared are now starting to appear - and they want to replace your remotes.

Smartphones as universal remotes

Logitech is selling its Harmony remote brand as sales are struggling. So what takes over? You smartphone, says the smartphone makers.

HTC One can act as a universal TV remote for your living room devices

Sony was actually the first to implement the universal remote concept in a tablet. Via an infrared eye it could send commands to TVs and other living room devices with infrared.

HTC’s new flagship One smartphone can do the same. The on/off button on top also acts as an infrared beamer so you can set up the phone to control for example your TV with the built-in Sense TV app that also moves the program guide to the touch screen. HTC even offers an API for developers so they can start building TV remote apps.

The latest manufacturer to add an infrared beamer on a smartphone is LG. So far LG has not provided details on specific smartphone but says that the first LG smartphones with infrared and TV remote software will arrive this summer.

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