2014 World Cup in 4K
The 2014 World Cup could be shot in 4K

08 Apr 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

4K is quickly becoming the next big thing in the TV industry and coming major sports events, including the 2014 World Cup in soccer in Brazil, could be shot in 4K resolution, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The 2014 World Cup could be shot in 4K

Movies and some TV series are already being shot in the digital 4K format but live TV broadcasting is much more demanding as it requires huge data streams. The first tests with 4K live sports will start later this year.

2014 World Cup stadium
The 2014 World Cup Maracanã stadium under construction. It will host the final where Sony considers shooting and broadcasting in 4K resolution

During the yearly Wimbledon tennis tournament 4K broadcasting will be explored and possibly tested by Sony. Sony and FIFA will also test 4K during the Confederations Cup in Brazil this June. The Confederations Cup will be held in some of the same stadiums as the 2014 World Cup next summer.

Sony and FIFA are therefore also considering broadcasting at least some matches during the 2014 World Cup in the extremely high Ultra HD resolution. Some of the matches during the 2010 World Cup were broadcast in 3D but no decision regarding 3D has been made for the 2014 World Cup.

The main question is obviously if viewers will be able to watch the World Cup in Ultra HD resolution. Forecasts show that Ultra HD TVs will take off in 2013 and 2014 but it will take many years before Ultra HD TVs will reach widespread adoption in consumer homes. FIFA could instead decide to set up large screens at major city plazas, similar to what was done to broadcast the Olympics in 8K.

- Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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