Xbox One and used games
Microsoft on used Xbox One games & internet checks

07 Jun 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

When the Xbox One was launched many were confused as to how the second-hand market for games would be controlled. Microsoft has now responded to the questions and also says that Xbox One requires an internet check every 24 hours.

Microsoft on used Xbox One games

Xbox One is Microsoft’s next-gen game console and the direct competitor to the PlayStation 4. After the unveilings, Sony was primarily criticized for not showing the game hardware whereas Microsoft was criticized for its unclear communication on used games and the Xbox One’s “internet checks”.

Microsoft has now released three documents to clarify. Microsoft says that there is no fee on re-activating used games – not necessarily at least. Microsoft says that it is up to game developers to decide if they will allow games to be resold as used games through authorized dealers. Microsoft will not take any cut or introduce fees but says that game developers can decide to charge a “transfer fee” if one of their games is resold as a used title. Whether this cost will apply to retailers or consumers is unclear. Game developers can obviously also decide to charge no fees at all.

Xbox One
Xbox One requires an internet check every 24 hours – also for offline games

On the subject of sharing games with friends, Microsoft says that when a game is purchased on an Xbox One console everyone can use it on that console, regardless of the user ID. In addition, up to 10 family members can log in and play the game on other Xbox One consoles in the home.

If you want to give a game to your friend, it is possible, but only if you have bought the game on a Blu-ray disc. However, your friend must have been on your “Xbox list” for more than 30 days and the game can only be handed over once – seems rather silly, no? On the other hand, you can access all your games from any Xbox One console as long as you are logged into your account.

No internet = no gaming

Xbox One requires internet. Every 24 hours the console will do a server check to verify your “rights”. If you have not been connected to the internet for 24 hours through the Xbox One access to even offline games will be restricted – at least not until you connect the console to the internet again. If you log into your user account at a friend’s house you will have access to all your games but the Xbox One console will do an authentication check every 1 hour. The internet checks do not affect the ability to playback DVD and Blu-ray movies.

Microsoft concludes by saying that the Kinect microphone is listening even when the console is turned off but it will only register the “Xbox On” command that turns on the console. You can always deactivate the microphone, Microsoft says.

More on the Xbox One here. Microsoft will talk more about games and new game features during the E3 conference, which kicks off on Monday June 10th.

- Source: Microsoft (1, 2, 3)

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