Xbox One launches in November
Xbox One launches in November, costs $499

10 Jun 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

Xbox One launches in November for $499 USD in USA and 499 Euro in Europe, just in time for the Holiday sales. At E3, Microsoft also revealed all the gaming-specific details on Xbox One, and announced a new Xbox 360 model based on the One design.

Microsoft reveals gaming details of Xbox One

The annual E3 conference is all about gaming and after revealing the Xbox One in May, Microsoft has used E3 to talk about all the gaming-related specifics of Xbox One.

Xbox One
Xbox One launches in November

The Xbox One event was kicked off with a game trailer for the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that looked stunning. It will be an Xbox exclusive title. Another interesting – and exclusive – game that was presented is Ryse: Son of Rome that takes place during the Rome Empire. Another highlight was the well-known PC game Minecraft that is now coming to Xbox, and Battlefield 4: Second Assault will surely consume many hours of Battlefield fans’ lives.

Forza Motorsport 5 signals “a new era” where racing games start to feel more real and more realistic, the game developers said. The racing game will take on Sony’s exclusive Gran Turismo series and if Forza is as beautiful as it looked it will be a real contender. One of the talking points was the new improved AI.

Quantum Break is a project where the developers try to mix TV and games. Depending on what you choose to do during gameplay the history will evolve like a movie. It is an interesting experiment and we are excited to see if it will work. Microsoft also showcased Project Spark that will help developers of all skill levels create games in an easy and graphical manner.

Microsoft talked about the integration between Xbox One and Windows smartphones and tablets via SmartGlass that was introduced for Xbox 360 some time ago. SmartGlass will enable users to use the mobile display as a second screen where you can record gameplay (and share it) or get addition game information such as a map. How it is used depends entirely on the game developers.

Xbox Live now uses real money

The Microsoft Points are gone. Microsoft will start using real money in its online world – in your local currency.

There is no longer a 100 friend cap and Microsoft also lets you share your Xbox Live account with other people.

No Xbox without Kinect. Kinect is the small box sitting on top of your TV that has an integrated camera for motion controls and a microphone for voice controls. You can use the features to navigate the menus of Xbox One, start apps and so on but you can also use the voice controls in games to fire weapons or throw spells in the game The Witcher.

News for the Xbox 360

Microsoft did not only talk about the new Xbox One. The current Xbox 360 comes in a new smaller and quieter design edition starting today. Microsoft is also expanding its Xbox Gold features and says that all members will receive two free fames per month as a part of a new “reward” program.

New Xbox 360
The new Xbox 360 version has a new Xbox One-inspired design

More than 100 new games are coming to Xbox 360 – the current console is far from dead. Some of the new game titles that were mentioned were Grand Theft Auto 5, World of Tanks, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, and Dark Souls.

Even though the Xbox 360 will stay on the market there is no doubt that Xbox One is a major bet from the software giant. Xbox One launches in November for $499 USD and 499 Euro in Europe. Are you Ready?

Learn more about Xbox One here.

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