Lukewarm reception for OUYA
Lukewarm reception for the OUYA game console

05 Jul 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

Many have been waiting anxiously for the OUYA game console, which is based on Android. OUYA was launched last week and has been met with disappointment and criticism. But all is not lost for OUYA yet.

OUYA game console gets cool reception

The makers of OUYA have been bolds in their statements and the buzz around the OUYA product has been quite massive. The promise was that everyone, big and small, could create games for the OUYA and have them released via the internet store. With its efforts OUYA hoped to make an impact in the living room game console playground.

OUYA game console
OUYA has had a lukewarm reception – but it still shows some potential

OUYA was launched in the U.S., Canada and UK last week at a price of 99 USD / GBP. Reviews have started to tick in, painting a picture of disappointment. Reviewers point to the small selection of games and the quality of the existing games. They also complain that graphics and gameplay is in no way comparable to today’s standards, and that the OUYA is far away from matching PS3 and Xbox 360. The controller has also received harsh words. On the other hand owners and reviewers seem satisfied with the media features and the extremely compact design, and most people still see potential in the OUYA.

Here is what reviewers are saying about the OUYA:

- ”I had high hopes for Ouya, and I had some fun with it. Indie game fans might really enjoy it, and Ouya has plans to expand its content offerings. But right now I can’t see it having broad appeal.”

- “Despite its low price and free-to-try system, the Ouya fails to reach its potential as a disruptive alternative platform.”

- ”This is a key time for OUYA, and if it secures a stronger lineup of games and smooths out some hardware glitches, it may be ready for the mainstream. Right now, it's stuck in limbo as a fun toy for hackers or those who want to explore indie games.”

- “I'd urge all but the most curious to wait and see ... but I'd still suggest everybody keep an interested eye on it. I honestly want it to improve, and grow into an excellent, successful platform. It's just not there right now, and it has some ways to go.”

PC Mag
- ”The Ouya could be a great, inexpensive Android-based gaming system for everyone. Right now, though, it isn't even close.”

It seems that you should pass on OUYA for now. The OUYA team has promised to launch a new version with upgraded hardware every year so maybe the second or third generation of the box will unleash its full potential.

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