LG 75 and 47-inch OLED TVs
Is LG planning new 75" and 47" OLED TVs?

24 Sep 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

It seems weird for LG not to announce soon-to-come OLED TVs at the just concluded IFA 2013 show, but according to three separate entities, LG is preparing to release a 75-inch and a 47-inch OLED TV, besides the new 55-inch models.

75" and 47" LG OLED TVs approved

According to three separate entities; TUV, an Austrian TV inspection unit; Unity Media, a German cable TV provider; and the Wi-Fi association, LG has a new massive 75-inch OLED TV planned for release. The entities have also approved a new 47-inch OLED TV from LG.

LGs 77-inch 4K OLED-TV
LG exhibited this 77” OLED TV at IFA, but it seems that LG has plans to plans to release a 75” version soon

The following models have been approved by the WiFi alliance:

The 55-inch models have already been announced. The two 75-inch OLED TV are part of the 9800 series, which is LG’s curved OLED series, so it seems that the 75-inch will be a curved OLED TV. As you can see there are two 75-inch TVs on the list. The one ending with V is a general UK version. W is a Nordic version. A global version also exists, dubbed 75EA9800. The model name suggests that it is a Full HD OLED TV, but we are not sure at this point.

On the list is a single 47-inch model ending on W, which is a Nordic variant, but on the German TV provider’s list we also found a 47EA8809. Models ending with 9 are German-specific variants (and Austrian). The same model also shows up in the Austrian TV inspection unit database, and we have also found evidence of a 47EA8800, which is ending on 0, which usually means that it is a global model. The 47-inch is part of the 8800 series, which is LG’s flat Gallery OLED TV.

It seems that LG is currently running local variants of new 47 and 75-inch OLED TVs through local inspection entities for all the proper certifications. In some of the documents we have found references to Miracast, Smart TV, and other features already available in LG’s 2013 TVs.

But can they be trusted? Well, entities like these rarely use their time to approve non-existent products, so we are inclined to believe that something is coming. The big question is when? Is this CES 2014 stuff or could we see new OLED TVs from LG launched before January? We do not know at this point so your guess is as good as ours, but it sure seems strange to have something approved as early as September for a January announcement.

- Sources: LG OpenSource Code Distribution & WiFi Alliance (75EA9800) & WiFi Alliance & Unity Media Germany & Tόv, Austria

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