Netflix bigger than HBO
Netflix now bigger than HBO, has 40m subscribers

22 Oct 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

Netflix is still growing, actually faster than they have been growing for some time. Netflix is now officially bigger than HBO if you count subscribers, with over 40 million paying customers.

Netflix now bigger than HBO

Netflix famously announced that “the goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us”. Depending on what they meant, you can say that they have reached that milestone. Netflix is producing its own original programming, sees explosive growth, and has more subscribers than HBO for the first time, according to the latest quarterly earnings report.

Netflix bigger than HBO
Netflix is now bugger than HBO if you count subscribers

Netflix can now boast 40.85 million paying subscribers or 42.29 million subscribers in total if you include subscribers on the trial period. In USA Netflix has almost 30 million subscribers, compared to HBO’s 28.8 million in total. However, HBO still has a significant lead in revenue and profits. Netflix expects to add nearly 3.5 million subscribers during October, November, and December.

Netflix has also gotten to the point where they are generating a steady profit from the American operations, but they still see significant losses from the international operations. Netflix added the Netherlands as a new region in September, and they will expand to more international countries in 2014, according to a statement. Belgium, France and Germany have been rumored as possible targets in the past.

Netflix says that its original programming series such as House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Orange is the New Black have been very popular, and compare to the most popular shows on TV. Orange is the New Black is the most popular original series on Netflix to date, says Netflix. Netflix plans to release twice as many original series in 2014.

- Source: Netflix

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