Eizo 240Hz FG2421
Eizo unveils 240Hz FG2421 monitor with VA panel

30 Oct 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

Japanese Eizo wants to revolutionize the PC eSports industry, and intends to do so by releasing a 240 Hz monitor with a VA panel. Eizo’s monitor is not only faster than ever, but promises picture quality improvements over conventional 120 Hz monitor and a flicker-free experience. Welcome the 23.5-inch Eizo FG2421.

Eizo FG2421 with 240Hz VA panel

The Eizo FG2421 is the first of its kind. In the past and today every 120 Hz gaming monitor is based on the inferior TN LCD panel technology that sacrifices picture quality for speed. The FG2421 is a small revolution as it combines the two by using a quality VA panel with Eizo’s 240 Hz technology.

Eizo 240 Hz FG2421
Eizo 240 Hz FG2421

Let us dig a bit deeper. The panel inside FG2421 is capable of receiving 120 Hz input signals from a gaming PC, which means that you can play your favorite FPS or RTS games in buttery-smooth 120 pictures per second (if you PC can handle it). But Eizo can drive the LCD panel at 240 Hz by either showing each frame twice or by inserting black frames between the pictures, which is known to significantly reduce blurring on LCD panels. Eizo has dubbed the technology Turbo 240.

The VA panel inside is a marked improvement over the TN panels in every 120 Hz monitor today. It not only offers superior color reproduction, but also improves black depth considerably. Eizo says that the FG2421 has a 5000:1 static contrast ratio (15000:1 dynamic). It also offers 176/176 degree viewing angles, less than 1 ms response time, “1.5 frame of input lag or less”, 400 cd/m2 brightness, and the classic PC gaming resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The LED backlight is also flicker-free.

Eizo 240 Hz FG2421
Eizo 240 Hz FG2421

The FG2421 comes in a matte black design with a base with tilt, swivel, and height adjustment options. It can be connected to a PC via dual-link DVI or DisplayPort. It has one HDMI port, but HDMI does not support 120 Hz inputs (only 1024x768 res). It also has a 2-port USB hub and a headphone jack. You can find more technical information here.

Eizo’s 24-inch FG2421 is available now in USA and Europe for 449 Euro with a 5-year warranty. Learn more at www.eizo.com.

So, can Eizo deliver? Will the 240 Hz VA-based monitor revolutionize the gaming industry? Find out FlatpanelsHD’s in-depth review of Eizo FG2421.

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