Philips 7800 Ultra HD
Philips' new 7000 series TVs - Ultra HD in 7800

20 Mar 2014 | Rasmus Larsen |

Philips has announced its new 2014 TVs in the 7000 series. The 7100 and 7500 models come with Full HD resolution, but the 7800 has 4K Ultra HD resolution. All of them include Ambilight and Smart TV features – but not the new Android platform.

New Full HD and Ultra HD TVs

Philips' new 7000 TVs are presented as ultra-slim TVs in a simple metal and glass design. Philips is still pushing its Ambilight system that now talks to the Philips Hue lighting solution for living rooms.

You will have the choice between Full HD and Ultra HD. 7800 is Philips’s first 2014 Ultra HD TV. All of the TVs feature passive 3D and are powered by Philips’s Pixel Precise HD engine that analyzes images to smooth out movement. The 7800 has a more powerful picture engine that also takes care of 4K upscaling – but it lacks HDMI 2.0.

Philips 7800 Ultra HD

Philips continues to expand the media features inside and the new TVs offer access to TV apps such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and more depending on your region. The 7800 series will have a quad-core processor for faster navigation. The TVs also come with the new Cloud TV app that streams TV channels over the internet. The remote has a keyboard on the back side and you can control the smart features with the MyRemote app for iOS and Android.

If you own a recent Android device you can even mirror the screen to the TV with Miracast and it is also possible to stream recorded TV programs from the living room TV to the bedroom TV using Philips’ Multi-room feature. The 7000 TVs are not based on the new Android-based Smart TV platform that Philips is working on. The 8000 series will be Philips’ first TV with Android.

Philips 7100

Philips also tells us that the 7500 and 7800 TVs can connect wirelessly to a subwoofer. Another highlight is the Game Mode with low input lag, designed for game console use. Philips believes that gamers will appreciate the combination of the Game Mode and Ambilight.

Philips’s new 7000 series TVs will be available in May 2014. Prices have not been announced.
  • 7100 (2-sided Ambilight) will be available in 42” (42PFS7109), 47” (47PFS7109), and 55” (55PFS7109).
  • 7500 (3-sided Ambilight) will be available in 42” (42PFS7509), 47” (47PFS7509), 55” (55PFS7509) and 65” (65PFS7509).
  • 7800 (Ultra HD) will be available in 42” (42PUS7809), 49” (49PUS7809) and 55” (55PUS7809).

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