Philips 6600
Philips' cheaper 6000 TVs with Ambilight & Smart TV

20 Mar 2014 | Rasmus Larsen |

We have just revealed the new Philips 7000 TVs and we can also tell you more about the cheaper 6000 ranges in the 2014 TV line-up. The new 6000 TVs will become available in April with Ambilight and Smart TV.

Philips new 6000 TVs

The new 2014 TVs from Philips will become available in a month’s time or so. Depending on your region, Philips will launch four variants called 6400, 6500, 6600 and 6710. A metal and glass design will surely appeal to buyers with a taste for the minimalistic. The 6710 is white.

Philips 6600

The new TVs come with Philips’ signature Ambilight (2-sided). Ambilight can either project the colors on-screen onto the back wall or display a single, constant color – for example 6500K white. All of the new TVs offer access to TV apps such as Netflix, Spotify and YouTube, as well as Miracast screen mirroring from a smartphone or tablet. Other technical features include DLNA streaming from a NAS and the MyRemote app for controlling the TVs with a handheld device.

Philips 6710

Another premium feature from the 2013 line-up has also made it to this year’s 6000 TVs. With Multi-room you can stream TV channels or recordings from one TV to another TV, for example your bedroom TV. Philips also highlights the new Cloud TV apps that lets you stream select TV channels over the internet – no TV cable required. Another app called Cloud Explorer shows you your entire Dropbox library. A World Cup 2014 app will be released before kick off in Brazil this summer.

Passive 3D is available only on the 6500 TVs. All other TVs use the active 3D technology that requires expensive shutter 3D glasses with batteries.

Philips’ 6000 TVs will launch in Europe this April. Prices have not been announced.
  • The 6400 range will be available in 40” (40PFS6409), 48” (48PFS6409) and 55” (55PFS6409)
  • The 6500 range will be available in 32” (32PFS6509), 42” (42PFS6509), 47” (47PFS6509) and 55” (55PFS6509)
  • The 6600 range will be available in 40" (40PFS6609), 48" (48PFS6609), 55" (55PFS6609) and 65" (65PFS6659)
  • The 6710 range will be available in 40" (40PFS6719) and 48" (48PFS6719).

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