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BeoVision Avant
B&O revives Avant as new 55" Ultra HD TV

08 May 2014 | Rasmus Larsen |

Bang & Olufsen is reviving the Avant. The new BeoVision Avant is a 55-inch Ultra HD TV with wireless, moving sound – literally. Avant is a new beginning and you can experience it in a B&O store today. It is available for $7,995 USD.

Avant revived - a new beginning

The new Avant is not just the revival of Bang & Olufsen's most successful TV brand to date, but also the Danish manufacturer's first Ultra HD TV. It is a new beginning for Bang & Olufsen and a new way to perceive television.

- "The name Avant is a nod to our most successful TV to date, the Avant launched in 1995. Just as the first Avant was a game changer in an analogue era, we believe the new BeoVision Avant will set the standard for what should be expected from a television in the future," says Tue Mantoni, CEO of Bang & Olufsen.

While conceptualizing the Avant, Bang & Olufsen went back to the drawing board to rethink the TV’s role in a modern home. This has led to new placement options that are more flexible than ever. The speakers inside have been improved, too, but you also have the freedom to connect wireless BeoLab speakers and avoid the cable clutter. The new BeoRemote One is also a new way to control a TV.

BeoVision Avant can hang on the wall, stand on the floor or sit on a piece of furniture. Regardless of how you choose to place the TV, it will rotate or move into position when on and pull back when off. Movement is so smooth and elegant that it is almost magical, says Bang & Olufsen.

BeoVision Avant

Despite the large 55-inch format, Bang & Olufsen wanted the TV to blend in to the living room. The TV retreats when off and the minimalistic design is a combination of aluminum and a black edge-to-edge front glass.

A Moving Revelation - literally

Four placement options have been developed for BeoVision Avant. The floor and table stands are unique and appeal to your senses with magical movement, says Bang & Olufsen. The manufacturer has a long tradition of motorized parts in electronics, and with Avant they take the experience to new heights.

On the table stand, the Avant slowly elevates, pushing down the speaker from behind to meet you. As the speakers unfolds the characteristic television curtain reveals the picture on screen.

The floor stand has two rotary axes. The lower axis slowly rotates as the TV enters the room, and the TV turns towards you and rolls aside the television curtains. Bang & Olufsen says that you have to experience it to really appreciate the magic – and you can today in Bang & Olufsen store.

Lastly, you can choose between two wall bracket solutions. One is a motorized bracket that pushes the Avant out from the wall, turning either left or right, depending on your position The other solution is a fixed wall bracket.

Ultra HD & the technology inside

Avant is Bang & Olufsen's first Ultra HD TV, and with four times more pixels than a Full HD TV you can expect amazing picture quality. Avant has a total of six HDMI ports, five of which accept UHD content.

Bang & Olufsen wants to appeal to a large group of television buyers and sees the Avant as a full package that is ahead of the curve. They concede that the selection of Ultra HD material is scarce at the moment, but it is coming and the Avant can naturally also reproduce amazing pictures on Blu-ray, DVD, TV channels and 3D.

BeoVision Avant

As soon as you power up the Avant it automatically analyzes the environment. The small module on the right side of the frame is – among other things – a 360-degree light sensor that adjusts brightness, color temperature and gamma, depending on your viewing environment. All you have to do is sit back and relax, says B&O.

The picture engine builds on the same basis as the one in BeoVision 11, but is half a generation newer and thus more powerful to accommodate the Ultra HD resolution. The TV has a “Game Mode” as well as a “Monitor Mode” with no picture processing for when you want to connect a game console or PC – and every Avant comes pre-calibrated from the factory with a 10-point calibration of the gamma curve.

Bang & Olufsen has also made efforts to reduce reflections. The automatic room adaption sensors make sure that the picture is always bright enough, but the front glass also has anti-reflective coating on both sides of the glass, effectively reducing reflections by 98%, according to B&O.

Wireless high-end audio

Bang & Olufsen claims that BeoVision Avant has better sound than BeoVision 11, which is an accomplishment in itself. Avant can deliver a complete audio experience with front left, front right and center channels in the speaker bar.

It has eight built-in units, each with a separate class D amplifier; two left; two right; two center; and two woofers.

BeoVision Avant

BeoVision Avant can also connect wirelessly to Bang & Olufsen’s wireless BeoLab speakers. Immaculate Wireless Sound transmits uncompressed high-end sound to all speakers in the room without cables. It has never been easier to connect additional speakers or even a complete 7.1 surround system. If you like, you can also connect older BeoLab speakers via the 10 audio outputs on the back side of the TV.

There are lots of additional audio technologies built into the TV, including automatic calibration of the bass when the TV is mounted on the motorized wall mount.

Smart TV and BeoRemote One

Like Avant, the new BeoRemote One is new beginning. Bang & Olufsen will start referring to remotes as BeoRemotes, and with the One you hold an exclusive piece of CNC-milled aluminum in your hand.

BeoRemote One

Bang & Olufsen has removed legacy buttons and is introducing three new so-called MyButtons. The MyButtons can be programmed to a variety of scenarios. For example, you can make the TV go directly to the Spotify app at a predefined volume level and a make the TV turn into position for the optimal music experience at the press of a single button.

The small display at the top shows you relevant information and has more visual icons than the previous Beo4. BeoRemote One is included when you buy Avant and will be available to buy separately at a later point. Learn more about the BeoRemote One.

Along with the new remote control, Bang & Olufsen has also introduced a new user interface on the TV screen. It is now more uniform and easier to navigate than before. It also helps you to connect external devices.

The Smart TV section has apps for Spotify and Deezer. Bang & Olufsen believes that music apps make far more sense on the BeoVision Avant than on a typical Smart TV because the speaker system inside is powerful enough to provide a great music experience.

There is a small slot for the Apple TV box and a hard drive on the back side of the TV. The Apple TV box offers access to streaming services such as Netflix and iTunes as well as Airplay from an iPhone or iPad. The hard drive enables you to record TV shows and schedule future recordings. BeoVision Avant has a dual tuner so you can watch another channel while recording. Additionally, Avant supports HbbTV.

Experience it today

BeoVision Avant can be experienced from your local B&O store today. It can be yours for $7,995 USD, including the BeoRemote One and TV speaker. Learn more about BeoVision Avant at the B&O website.

The motorized stands and brackets will sell for $1,995 USD and the fixes wall bracket will sell for $895 USD.

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