CES 2015 in Las Vegas
What to expect at CES 2015 next month

19 Dec 2014 | Rasmus Larsen |

As always, CES 2015 in Las Vegas kicks off in the beginning of January. And as always, manufacturers will unveil the 2015 TV line-ups and much more. But what can we actually expect to see at CES?

What to expect at CES 2015

FlatpanelsHD is in Las Vegas during CES 2015 from January 5-9 and will be reporting home. We have already heard whispers and rumors and here is what we expect to see at CES.

It looks like it will be a major CES for Sony. We can expect to hear PlayStation 4 related news and besides the already-announced Now and Vue services, we expect to hear more about PlayStation in TVs. Why would we say something like that? Well, because Sony is switching to Android TV as its TV platform and the rumor goes that Sony will integrate PlayStation Now and PS4 Remote Play directly into new Full HD and Ultra HD TV. We are also very eager to hear more about Sony’s Android TV plans.

CES 2015 in Las Vegas

Speaking of Android TV, Sharp and Philips will also launch new TVs based on the platform. Furthermore, we expect to see new small media players based on Android TV, and Google will most likely make a few announcements at CES, too.

LG will probably steal the show with some amazing OLED TVs. We will surely see 4K OLED TVs and we expect LG to expand its OLED TV line-up in 2015, possibly with cheaper models. There is even some evidence pointing to a flat 65-inch 4K OLED TV. Rumor goes that LG will also showcase an 8K TV and maybe even a 110-inch OLED TV. What else? LG will continue to talk up its webOS platform, and webOS 2.0 has already been confirmed. LG has also announced that it will launch quantum dot TVs.

Samsung has confirmed that it will show a new Smart TV platform based on Tizen but it is unclear if it will be part of the 2015 TV line-up. We also expect quantum dot TVs from Samsung but most signs point to no new OLED TVs as Samsung is still struggling to manufacture them. What else? Actually we have no clue. We will surely see lots of Ultra HD TVs but we do not know if Samsung intends to continue its push for curved TVs or if it has other things planned. Maybe some talk about the Gear VR goggles?

Panasonic has faded into the background after it chose to abandon plasma TVs but the Japanese company has not given up. We expect Panasonic to announce new Ultra HD TVs - probably a few very high-end models, too. Besides that we have no rumors to share and we are not holding our breath for a Panasonic OLED TV.

We also expect to see the official announcement for the 4K Blu-ray standard at CES 2015, and maybe even the first 4K Blu-ray players. 4K Blu-ray was confirmed at IFA in September but many details and pieces were still missing at that time.

Besides that, Vizio is expected to finally launch its Reference Ultra HD TVs. On the other hand, we do not expect big announcements from Valve about the Steam Machine game consoles simply because Valve will not be at CES this year. Lastly, we expect some talk about Virtual Reality and we expect to see a flurry of mid-range and low-end Ultra HD TVs from every imaginable TV manufacturer.

This is what we have heard so far. We hope that manufacturers also have a few surprises for us. What do you hope to see?

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