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More details on LG's 2015 UHD LCD TVs

06 Mar 2015 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG did not tell us much about its new Ultra HD TVs when it announced them at CES, but here is what we know so far about the mid-range to high-end Ultra HD LCD TVs.

More details on new UHD TVs

The lineup includes UF9500, UF9400, UF8500, UF7700, UF6800, and UF6700. The current UC9 and UB9800 models will also carry over into 2015, says LG. All of the Ultra HD TVs use IPS panels. The models will end on "V" in Europe; for example UF940V.

The two UF9500 and UF9400 are part of LG’s “ColorPrime” series, meaning that they can expand the color gamut to something close to DCI, which is used in movie theatres. UF9400 uses quantum dots to accomplish the task and UF9500 uses a phosphor technology - just like Panasonic.

LG UF9500

Both of the models will be available in 55 and 65” sizes with the webOS platform. LG mentions support for HEVC and VP9 decoding, meaning that the TVs will support 4K streaming from Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube (requires VP9). UF9500 uses an IPS panel with edge LED, but few details have been provided for UF9400. UF9500 also has a 4.1 Harman Kardon sound system.

LG UF8500

UF8500 is one step down. It will be available in 60 and 65” sizes with a slim-bezel “Cinema Design”. It no longer has the wider color gamut, but still offers webOS with HEVC and VP9 decoding support. It also still has a quad-core processor like the higher-end models. It appears that LG will also launch a curved version of the TV in some regions, called UG8700.

LG UF7700

UF7700/UF7600 is a mid-range Ultra HD TV. It will be available in 43, 49, 55, 60, 65, 70, and 79” sizes. It no longer has the “Cinema Design”, but still offer webOS (with HEVC and VP9).

LG UF6700

Lastly, LG will release 6 series Ultra HD TVs with UF6800 and UF6700. Consider these basic Ultra HD TVs that will be selling at low prices in 49 and 55” sizes. Details are very light on these TVs, but LG’s own site makes no mention of webOS.

LG announced pricing details for its 2015 Ultra HD TV line-up a few days ago.

We will provide a full overview of LG’s 2015 TV line-up soon.

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