Samsung JU7000
Samsung's 2015 Ultra HD TVs are now shipping

06 May 2015 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung’s new Ultra HD TVs for 2015 have started shipping in the US and Europe - and prices have already dropped. These are cheaper than Samsung’s high-end S’UHD TVs, but still offer HEVC and VP9 that are required for 4K streaming.

Samsung’s 2015 TVs are shipping

Samsung’s high-end – and quite expensive – S’UHD TVs started shipping in late April, and here are the more affordable Ultra HD TVs from the 6 series and up.

Samsung will offer several Ultra HD TV ranges in the 6 and 7 series. The JU7100 (JU7000 in Europe) is a flat TV with Ultra HD and the new Tizen operating system. JU7500 is a curved variant of the TV. Several 6 series variants will exist as flat and curved models; all with Tizen as well as HEVC and VP9.

Samsung JU7000

HEVC is required to stream in 4K from Netflix and Amazon, whereas VP9 is required to stream in 4K from YouTube (for the first time on a TV). The TVs obviously also offer HDMI 2.0 ports for connecting future 4K boxes such as Ultra HD Blu-ray players.

Prices and retailers
  • USA: Samsung JU7500 (curved)
  • USA: Samsung JU7100 (flat)
  • USA: Samsung JU6500 (flat)

  • Europe: Samsung JU7500 (curved)
  • Europe: Samsung JU7000 (flat)
  • Europe: Samsung JU6500 (flat)

    You can also find a full overview of Samsung's 2015 TV line-up here.

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