Panasonic's 2015 mid-range TVs are now shipping in the US

10 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen |

Panasonic's presence in the US market was decimated after its plasma exit, and last year’s 2014 models were extremely hard to come by. The 2015 TVs are not exactly easy to find either but at least they are now shipping in the US.

Still hard to come by

Panasonic released its 2015 TVs in Europe in May and the mid-range models, CX600, CX650 and CX800, are now shipping in the US, too.

Panasonic CX800

All three models are Ultra HD TVs and feature the new Firefox OS with apps and voice search. The TVs can also reproduce most of the DCI color gamut, which shows more colors than “normal” TVs with the smaller BT.709 color gamut do. The CX800 comes with additional picture systems (Local Dimming + Black Gradation Drive, 240Hz panel) for improved picture quality, support for 3D, and a touchpad remote. Read our review of the CX650 here.

CX600 is available only in 50”, CX650 is available in 55, 60 and 65”, and CX800 is available in 55, 60 and 65”. The new TVs are still hard to come by as none of the big retail chains currently have them in stock but some smaller stores list them as available. You can also buy them from

Panasonic CX600

For more details see our Panasonic 2015 TV line-up overview.

  • Panasonic CX600
  • Panasonic CX650
  • Panasonic CX800

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