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Samsung unveils backlit KS9500 & KS9800 TVs for Europe

17 Feb 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung will launch two high-end TVs with full array local dimming (FALD) technology in Europe very soon. KS9500 and KS9800 are part of the SUHD line-up and will deliver Samsung’s best HDR picture quality yet.

Samsung KS9500 and KS9800

Samsung unveiled an edge lit based KS9500 for the US market at CES 2016. Confusingly, KS9500 in Europe will look very different. In Europe, KS9500 is significantly thicker to support a full array local dimming system.

Samsung KS9500

KS9500 is part of the “SUHD” line of souped-up LCD TVs. It will deliver Samsung’s best HDR picture quality to date by utilizing several picture systems, including LED local dimming. Samsung did not specify how many zones the backlight unit is divided into. It also has 4K resolution.

In addition, the TV can reproduce almost the entire DCI-P3 color gamut (Samsung said 98% at CES, but said 96% at Samsung Forum), which delivers more colors than traditional TVs. Samsung furthermore says that it has made sure to calibrate KS9500 to deliver color accuracy below DeltaE 1, meaning that colors are virtually spot-on.

The Ultra Black filter is designed to reduce reflections in the glossy panel coating. It is based on the “Moth Eye” principle that other manufacturers have used with success in the past and leads to 76% less reflections, claims Samsung.

Samsung KS9500

KS9500 features the latest version of the company’s Tizen operating system that puts content front and center. It also has a built-in IoT (internet of things) hub that can control connected devices in your home. It comes equipped with a twin-tuner for recording, too.

Like all 2016 “SUHD” TVs, KS9500 is “UHD Premium” certified. Samsung has chosen to market it as “HDR 1000” to indicate that it can reach 1000 nits peak highlights; higher levels than LG's OLED TVs.

Samsung KS9800

KS9800 is an extension of the KS9500 range and will only be available in 88". Samsung has chosen to differentiate KS9800 from KS9500 since it uses last year’s design. Besides that, it has all of the same technical capabilities. Same TV - just bigger.

Specifications (Europe)

  • 65” & 78”
  • Curved SUHD TV
  • Full Direct
  • HDR 1000
  • Precision Black Pro / Ultra Black
  • Peak Illuminator Ultimate
  • Supreme UHD Dimming
  • Supreme Motion
  • 2 tuners
  • 360 boundless design
  • Smart TV with Silver Smart Control
  • IoT Hub enabled
  • KS9800
  • 88” only
  • Otherwise same technical features

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