Panasonic's 2016 UHD TVs are now shipping

21 Apr 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Panasonic’s 2016 Ultra HD TVs are now available to buy in Europe, the company says. This year, UHD comes cheaper and a new stand design provides flexibility.

New TVs from Panasonic

Panasonic will offer Ultra HD from the 6 series and up. The flagship DX900 models has been available for a few months and the company has now made available the cheaper DX6 and DX7 ranges.

DX600 is the cheapest Ultra HD model from Panasonic. It will be available in 40 to 55-inch sizes with access to apps through Firefox OS. The step-up model is DX650 and the only significant difference is design.

Panasonic DX650

DX700 is the first Ultra HD TV that incorporates a new "switch design", which allows the user to adjust the two feet in width. Panasonic imagines that it will help people buy a new TV without having to replace furniture. DX700 has HDR processing but not the hardware to reproduce HDR (high dynamic range). This requires full-array local dimming, which is available only in DX900. In some regions a DX730 will add a twin-tuner to the equation.

DX750 is another UHD TV with “switch design”, this time in an even more flexible configuration that allows you to adjust width and turn the feet 180 degrees. It also offers HDR processing, 3D and Firefox OS. In some regions a DX780 will be available with twin-tuner.

Panasonic DX750

The new DX800 with easel stand design will arrive in May / June.

Panasonic’s new TVs are available now in 40 to 65-inch sizes in Europe. Availability for the US has yet to be announced.

  • Europe: Panasonic DX600
  • Europe: Panasonic DX700
  • Europe: Panasonic DX750

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