Vizio launches eight new soundbars with Google Cast

08 Jun 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Vizio has launched a range of eight new soundbars that range in price from $220 to $500 dollars. Two of them come with rear speakers for surround and all of them come equipped with Google Cast for music.

Vizio soundbars with Google Cast

Vizio and Google have formed a very tight relationship, it seems. Vizio has already integrated Google Cast for video and music playback in its 2016 TVs and with the new range soundbars Vizio has integrated Google Cast for music playback.

Vizio soundbar with Google Cast

The soundbars are designed to lift the sound experience while watching TV but they double as music speakers in the home. You can cast music from Cast-enabled app on Android or iOS and even cast to multiple speakers with Google Cast in the home.

- "The new VIZIO SmartCast sound bar line-up was designed not only to accompany big screens to create an immersive home theater experience, but also serve as a great home audio source," said Matt McRae, CTO at Vizio. "The VIZIO SmartCast app allows consumers to seamlessly Cast and control their music right from their mobile device across a variety of configurations. Coupled with the collection's sleek industrial design, the VIZIO SmartCast audio solutions are a must-have addition to any home."

The line-up includes eight soundbars that range in size and power. The two most expensive models come equipped with rear speakers for surround sound and a wireless subwoofer.

Vizio soundbar with Google Cast

- “The SmartCast 45" 5.1 soundbar is ideal for home theater enthusiasts seeking elegant style, the highest quality audio and a true 5.1 surround sound. Designed to complement 47" class size displays and above, Vizio’s flagship offering was engineered with custom drivers, a center channel for enhanced dialogue clarity and a sleek profile that doesn't sacrifice audio quality. Measuring 2" high and 2" deep, the 45" slim sound bar features rear satellite speakers and pumps up to 104dB Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and 30 Hz of bass. The flagship model, along with the 40" 3.1, 40" 5.1 and 45" 3.1 slim soundbar configurations, features a sleek and compact 3" tall subwoofer, perfect for easy, out-of-the-way storage beneath or next to a sofa,” says Vizio.

Vizio’s new soundbars are available now from and Amazon.

  • 45-inch 5.1 soundbar (SB4551-D5) - $499.99
  • 44-inch 5.1 soundbar (SB4451-C0) - $499.99
  • 45-inch 3.1 soundbar (SB4531-D5) - $449.99
  • 40-inch 5.1 soundbar (SB4051-D5) - $429.99
  • 40-inch 3.1 soundbar (SB4031-D5) - $379.99
  • 38-inch 5.1 soundbar (SB3851-D0) - $299.99
  • 38-inch 3.1 soundbar (SB3831-D0) - $269.99
  • 38-inch 2.1 soundbar (SB3821-D6) - $219.99

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