Hacked Smart TV filmed couple having sex, video ended up on porn site

09 Jun 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Security experts have warned about weak security in “Smart TV” for years. A hacked Smart TV was reportedly used to film a couple having sex on the couch. The video ended up on a porn site, according to the Daily Mail.

As predicted

When security experts exposed weak security in Smart TVs, manufacturers promised to fix it. But putting the same developers, who failed to secure the products in the first place, on the case seems rather pointless.

What some “naysayers” had predicted has apparently come true. In a case from England someone hacked a Smart TV to take over the camera. The person then went on to film the couple of the household having sex on the couch.

- “We have dealt with one couple who were filmed making love in the living room through their Smart TV by someone who had taken control of it,” said Laura Higgins from Revenge Porn Helpline to Daily Mail, adding that “the footage just appeared on a website”.

The couple found out only after some friends made them aware that the video had been uploaded to a porn site. The couple could easily identify their Smart TV’s camera as the culprit based on the angle.

They were not contacted by anyone prior to the incident.

Smart TV

Now they want to sell you a “smart home”

These same manufacturers who have developed Smart TVs with built-in cameras, sold as “innovation”, are now trying to sell you a “smart home”.

To predict how that will go we most likely just have to consider their process of “innovation”, which usually involves throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. TV manufacturers started integrating cameras in Smart TVs in 2012. After criticism, they started implementing cameras that could rotate. Today, most manufacturers have ditched the cameras.

Security experts have on numerous occasions warned about non-existent security measures (1, 2, 3, 4) in Smart TVs. They have even found that it is possible to access the entire home network via the Smart TV.

While TV manufacturers have many years of experience building hardware most of them have virtually no experience in operating software development. Many of them are now trying to pivot to a software-based environment and hope to sell you a “smart home”, which involves everything from connected cameras and door locks to thermostats and smart appliances.

Security experts have already found several security holes in “smart home” systems.

- Source: Daily Mail via Metro.co.uk

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