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BeoVision 14 is Bang & Olufsen's first Ultra HD Android TV

10 Aug 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Bang & Olufsen has today unveiled BeoVision 14 that builds on the iconic design from BeoVision 10 and adds oak wood lamellas. BeoVision 14 also offers Ultra HD and is the Danish manufacturer’s first product with Google’s Android TV operating system. Prices start at 6.365 Euro.

An update to an iconic design

When Bang & Olufsen launched BeoVision 10 in 2009 it became an instant design icon. The company later refined the design with BeoVision 11 and now – seven years after – B&O is again using it as a foundation for BeoVision 14.

However, BeoVision 14 is still unique for its time; a time where minimalism defines the mass market for TVs and dictates that every TV should have an almost invisible frame made from aluminum. With BeoVision 14 the company has wanted to bring back some warmth into the design, explaining that the “delicately crafted oak wood lamellas on the front create a warm organic contrast to the dark cool glass panel and the square aluminium frame“. B&O connoisseurs will likely notice how it draws inspiration from the BeoLab 18 speakers.

BeoVision 14

If you so wish, you can still buy the TV with cloth fronts that are available in multiple colors. BeoVision 14 is offered in either natural aluminum or black anodized aluminum. You can mount the TV on the wall with either a motorized or a manual wall bracket or place it on the floor casually leaned back on a fixed easel stand or on a motorized stand.

BeoVision 14 is available in 40 and 55 inch sizes and both use a direct-type LED LCD panel. This means that the light diodes (LEDs) are placed behind the LCD panel instead of along the edges (Edge LED) to ensure that light is distributed evenly across the panel. The TV has an anti-reflection front glass that “dampens disturbing reflections with more than 98 %”, says B&O. A 360-degree light sensor dynamically adjusts the image according to the light in the environment. VisionClear is a new video processor.

The TV has Ultra HD resolution, which is an upgrade over Full HD on BeoVision 11 that it succeeds. Ultra HD has four times as many pixels as Full HD and can ensure a more detailed picture.

On the other hand BeoVision 14 does not support the industry’s next frontier in picture quality HDR (high dynamic range). It does not support 3D either.

BeoVision 14

First with Android TV

BeoVision 14 marks the beginning of a partnership between Bang & Olufsen and Google. As such it is the first TV from the Danish manufacturer that comes with the Android TV operating system built-in. Android TV combines TV channels with apps and games.

The user interface on Android TV is divided into rows of content where the top row offers recommendations based on your viewing patterns. The other rows offer access to apps and games. From the Google Play app you can buy or rent movies.

From the Google Play store you can also download apps such as Netflix and YouTube as well as new or classic games in various genres. Android TV is still missing some key apps in certain regions but Google hopes that its universal TV platform will get traction as more TV manufacturers start using it.

BeoVision 14

If you want to watch content from services that are not yet available as apps on Android TV you can use Google Cast. This is the protocol that makes Chromecast tick. It works by opening the app on your Android or iOS handheld device, navigating to your app and then pressing the “cast” icon to make the video appear on the TV wirelessly.

Some streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube have begun offering streaming in 4K quality and BeoVision 14 will support this. It has a built-in decoder for both HEVC and VP9. The former is necessary to stream Netflix in 4K and the latter is necessary to stream YouTube in 4K.

New Beoremote One & Multiroom

Behind the oak wood lamellas are custom-built three-way speakers. To ensure that sound passes through the wood lamellas undisturbed the company has drawn on its experience from the BeoLab 18 speakers that also use oak wood lamellas.

BeoVision 14 can also be included in the company’s Multiroom network, meaning that you can enjoy wireless music on it and synchronize it with other Bang & Olufsen products in your home.

BeoVision 14

With the launch of BeoVision 14 the company is introducing a new ”BeoRemote One Bluetooth”. As the name suggests, it is based on Bluetooth, meaning that range is extended and that you no longer have to point directly at the TV. It will still offer infrared as a secondary option.

BeoRemote One Bluetooth has four ”MyButtons” that can store macro functions, meaning that you can program one button to turn on the TV, turn the TV and set audio volume at a certain level.

BeoVision 14 is available in Bang & Olufsen stores in Europe in 40 and 55 inch sizes at recommended retail prices from:
  • BeoVision 14, 40” w/oak Lamella from 6.365€
  • BeoVision 14, 55” w/oak Lamella from 8.565€

    It will be available in the US later.

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