Roku launches 'Premiere' and 'Ultra' players with 4K HDR

26 Sep 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

As expected, Roku has launched new 2016 streaming players. Together, 'Express', 'Premiere' and 'Ultra' players will offer an extensive line-up starting at just $30. Three of them come with support for 4K and two of them further supports HDR.

New 2016 Roku streaming players

Roku Express is the new entry-level product and it will replace the current “Roku 1” box. It supports 1080p HD streaming and starts at just $30 dollars. It is a very small box with basic features. The Express+ also supports analog video connections.

- “Roku stands for streaming innovation and today we’re celebrating the biggest player launch in our company’s history, including the introduction of the Roku Express player which delivers a complete streaming experience for a shockingly low price of $29.99,” said Anthony Wood, Roku Founder and CEO. “Whether consumers simply want fast HD streaming via an inexpensive device or are looking for a top-of-the-line player with advanced features such as 4K and HDR, Roku is an easy choice.”

Roku Express

Roku Premiere adds support for 4K streaming in up to 60 frames per second. It has a faster quad-core processor and faster WiFi. The Premiere+ further adds support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) and wired Ethernet. See all the specifications in the table below.

Lastly, there is the new Roku Ultra that will replace the current “Roku 4”. Ultra will cost $130 and offers support for 4K, HDR, Dolby Digital, an optical port and USB. It also offers some handy remote control features.

Roku Ultra

Roku OS and 4K streaming

All of the players are based on the company’s own operating system with access to more than 3500 streaming channels, says Roku. The company adds that “Roku devices feature the most comprehensive and unbiased search in the industry now across 100+ streaming channels”.

4K streaming is available through Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, UltraFlix, and other services. 15 in total, according to the company. It is not clear which apps support HDR streaming at launch but we know that Roku is backing the HDR10 format. There is no support for Dolby Vision – at least not yet.

The new Roku players will be available for pre-order starting later today from retailers such as They will be available in stores on October 9. Express+ will be available exclusively at Walmart.

Roku 2016 streaming players

Roku Express and Roku Express+

$29.99 MSRP and $39.99 MSRP, respectively – our most affordable streaming players ever launched; Roku Express is for TVs with HDMI® and Roku Express+ supports older TVs and can use a legacy Red/White/Yellow connection
Fast 1080p HD streaming
Simple IR remote control with popular streaming channel shortcut buttons
802.11/g/n wireless
Optional removable adhesive strip for mounting to a TV
High Speed HDMI® cable included
Roku Express+ also includes:
Composite jack and included composite A/V cable (red/white/yellow)

Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+

$79.99 MSRP and $99.99 MSRP, respectively – powerful performance and stunning HD and 4K up to 60 fps streaming plus HDR on the Roku Premiere+
Works with both HD and 4K UHD TVs
4K UHD video playback, delivers crisp detail and brilliant, life-like images
HDCP 2.2 compatible and capable of up to 60 fps 4K UHD playback
Can upscale 720p to 1080p on HDTVs, and from 720p or 1080p to 4K up to 60 fps on 4K UHD TVs
Fast quad-core processor
802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless
Simple IR remote control with popular streaming channel shortcut buttons
Night listening mode setting adjusts audio sounds to maintain volume consistency
Roku Premiere+ also includes:
HDR support displays an incredible range of colors including brighter whites and deeper blacks
Enhanced point anywhere remote with headphone jack for private listening
MicroSD card slot for additional channel storage
Ethernet for wired internet connectivity

Roku Ultra

$129.99 – our ultimate player that’s fully loaded and can deliver powerful HD, 4K up to 60 fps and HDR streaming
In addition to everything offered on the Roku Premiere+, the Roku Ultra also features:
Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital Plus decoding for advance surround sound in home theaters
Optical digital audio out port to connect to a receiver or sound bar
USB port for local media playback
Convenient point anywhere remote control with voice search, headphone jack for private listening and gaming buttons
Lost remote finder feature finds remotes stuck in the couch with the touch of a button on the player

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