Loewe debuts wireless speakers for its OLED TV, can be expanded to surround

11 Oct 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Loewe recently launched its first OLED TV called “bild “7. The TV can now be complemented by the “klang 5” speakers that wirelessly connect to the TV. The wireless audio system can be extended to a 5.1 surround, says Loewe.

Wireless sound for your OLED TV

Danish Bang & Olufsen introduced three years ago a wireless audio platform for its TVs. German competitor Loewe, who is currently on the path of recovery after seeking bankruptcy protection a few years ago, is developing a similar wireless audio platform for its TVs.

You have already seen the new klang 5 speakers if you followed the launch of Loewe’s first OLED TV as they were included in the product photos, standing side-by-side with the bild 7 OLED TV. Loewe explains that the speakers are designed to “harmonise perfectly with the new Loewe bild 7 OLED TV”. The speakers connect wirelessly to the TV. However, they still need a power cable.

- "The klang 5 wireless speaker system opens up exemplary sonority that sounds completely natural with base frequencies to 55 Hz. Each of the two stand-based speakers has four integrated digital amplifiers, five chassis and a maximum output of 270 Watts," said Loewe.

Loewe klang 5

The wireless speakers can also connect to previous TVs from Loewe (chassis 3xx and up) and a later software update will make it possible to connect them via wires, if you prefer that solution. To use the wireless capabilities with older Loewe TVs you must purchase the "Loewe klang link", which is a small wireless transmitter that can be hid behind the TV.

- "For optimal data transfer between the television and speakers, Loewe has developed the klang link wireless transmitter box. The audio signal is transferred from the box to the speaker in the highest quality - virtually without any loss and with such speed that the synchronicity between the image and sound is perfectly maintained. Loewe klang link fits neatly within the cable management space inside the back all current Loewe TVs and is therefore virtually invisible."

Loewe klang 5

Can be expanded to 5.1 surround

It is possible to expand the wireless system to 5.1 surround sound, if you buy an extra pair of the klang 5 speakers and a subwoofer, the company explains.

- "Set up the TV’s integrated soundbar as the centre speaker channel, and the klang 5 system can be extended to include a second pair of speakers and a subwoofer to form the Loewe 5.1-Home-Cinema-System," said Loewe and added that "thanks to the cable-free signal transfer speaker placement is extremely flexible and with a timeless and elegant aesthetic the Loewe klang 5 system beautifully complements virtually any interior design to space"

Several wireless audio systems for TVs have launched in recent years. In addition to Bang & Olufsen and Loewe, Samsung and Sony offer wireless speakers for its TVs. The Apple TV box can also wirelessly transmit sound to any Airplay-enabled speaker.

Looewe klang 5 is available now for €3,990/pair in graphite grey or light grey. The wireless transmitter Loewe klang link costs €299.

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