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Hisense unveils its first "UHD Premium" H10 TV and larger H8 TVs

12 Oct 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Hisense has announced that it will expand its line-up of TVs in the US. The highlight is a new 70-inch H10 model, which is also the company’s first “UHD Premium” certified TV. The H8 line will be expanded with four 65-86-inch TVs.

”UHD Premium” certified H10

You may recall that Hisense announced a 65-inch H10 model earlier this year. The company will soon add a larger 70-inch model that, like the smaller 65-inch version, takes advantage of full array local dimming in 320 zones and Ultra HD resolution.

 Hisense H10

Hisense markets the H10 under its “ULED” branding, which does not stand for anything particular. You can think of it as the Chinese manufacturer’s response to Samsung’s “SUHD”. Both companies are trying to hide the fact that they are selling LCD-based TVs so it is perhaps worth pointing out that both “SUHD” and “ULED” are marketing terms for LCD panels that utilize quantum dot filters to expand the color gamut and reproduce high dynamic range, or HDR.

Speaking of HDR, the new H10 model is Hisense’s first TV to pass the “UHD Premium” certification. This means that it can reproduce HDR with “more than 1000 nits peak brightness” (and less than 0.05 nits black) and that it covers more than 90% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The actual coverage was not announced. Specifications for H10 are available here.

While the smaller 65-inch H10 is curved, the new larger 70-inch is flat. We suspect that many potential buyers will applaud this decision. The 70-inch H10 will be available in the US early 2017 for $3,499.

 Hisense H9

New H8 and H9 models

Hisense will also expand the H9 and H8 ranges with more size classes. Both TV ranges were launched earlier this year.

- "At Hisense, we are dedicated to continually pushing the envelope with innovative design, technology and value to the consumer," said Jerry Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Hisense Americas. "It only makes sense that as we continue to grow our presence in the United States, we bring our approach to affordable luxury to the larger screen television categories as well."

The new 65-inch H9 will also be sold under the “ULED” moniker but it is not “UHD Premium” certified as it can cover only 83% of DCI-P3. In other words; just a tiny bit more than standard Rec.709. H9 is edge-lit and supports the HDR10 format, says Hisense.

 Hisense H8

Additionally, Hisense will add four new sizes to the H8 range, which is the best-selling model in Hisense’s line-up. H8 is currently available in 50 and 55-inch versions and will soon be offered in 60, 65, 75 and 86-inch models. The 60 and 65-inch models use edge-lit LCD whereas the 75 and 86-inch models use direct LED. Hisense says that all H8 models support HDR10 and 83% of DCI-P3.

The 65-inch H9 will retail for $1,699.99 in early 2017. The 70 and 75-inch H8 will be available in December, and the 65 and 86-inch in early 2017 for $999.99, $2499.99, $2999.99 and $5999.99, respectively.

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